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Group Presentation

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Michael Sewell

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Group Presentation

By Candice Fryer,
Huong Tran,
Jenny Nguyen,
Michael Sewell Chapter 9: Human Resources Management Presentation Chapter 9 Overview Commonwealth Worldwide
Chauffeured Transportation The Maine Media Workshop Case Study: 1 Case Study: 2 Human Resource Management Key Concepts: The Strategic
role of HR Managing Talent The common job role is changing
Wanting to be an employer of choice
Technology The changing
nature of careers Maintaining an Effective Workforce Improves Staff Satisfaction
Protects the business for the future
Improves performance outcomes Sustainability
& People "The role HRM is to drive organisational performance" Human Resource Planning Recruitment Selection Induction Attracting a effective workforce Training and Development Performance Appraisal Q1: What kind of employees would you suggest Dawson Rutter hire next? Why? Q2: Which of the three broad HRM activities (finding people, managing talent , or maintaining the workforce) would you invest in most heavily in order to begin building the Human Capital Commonwealth needs? Discuss? Q3: Suggest at least one idea for training, performance evaluation and compensation, that may be used to deliver and maintain a committed corps of limo drivers. Limo based business
Going global
Current workers are, "poorly educated, unskilled, itinerant" Personal Skills
Driving Skills
Navigation Skills
Communication Skills
Vehicle Maintenance
Prior Experience Managing Talent Training
Performance evaluation Behaviorally
Scale Q2. The MMW recently expanded its website to serve the needs of an increasingly global audience for the school. Would e-recruiting be an appropriate tool for the MMW? Why or Why not? Q1. Why might the instructors at MMW be vetted carefully if they are teaching for only one week? Q3: Complete a job analysis for one of the courses at the MMW. Then create a job posting for that position. Include a full job description, qualifications and a realistic preview of the job for the applicant. Larger talent pool,
Process faster, better,cheaper
Reducing cost
Saving time Job analysis includes duties and responsibilities

Job posting includes realistic preview of the job

Job description includes job requirement. Conclusion

Any questions?? Sources: MyMajors-Careers Limo Drivers, 2013. PickLimo/Blog- Limo Service, 2012 Source: J Stephen & C O'Neill, 2004, Pg.67. Mentoring and Coaching Skills, 2013 Source: Rothwell & Kazanas, 2003, Pg. 116. Samson & Daft, 2012, Pg. 386 Source: Samson & Daft 2012, Pg. 379 Source: Samson & Daft, 2012, Pg. 374. Waddill, 2011, Pg. 208 Sources: Feldman et al, 2006, Pg. 123. Manzi et al, 2011, Pg. 5-6
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