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Brand Facts

No description

Richard Wheatley

on 29 August 2017

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Transcript of Brand Facts

Source: Marty Neumeier
Source: Ivan Misner
Brands Build Loyalty
When people have a positive experience with a memorable brand, they're more likely to buy from you again than from a competitor. The brand will anchor loyalty.
Brands improve the ROI of your advertising and marketing. You get better results for your money and it becomes easy to reproduce quickly and consistently. We've removed the logo from this ad, but you still know who its for.
Brands Differentiate
If you're not perceived as different, you'd better have a low price!
Brands Give Focus
When you have a brand that means something, not only are staff more likely to get behind it, but recruiting becomes easier. People like to work for companies with a strong brand message as objectives are clearer too.
So what, you ask?
Because an effective brand is much more than just a logo.
It helps you get repeat business so customers don't have to use Google to find your website - they can remember it
A Strong Brand is a Memorable Brand
Whether business-to-consumer or B2B, if your brand is positioned correctly, you affect how much customers are prepared to pay.
Brands Add Value
Take bottled water as an example. People will pay more than double for a premium brand
When someone feels under pressure to make a decision, they choose the recognised brand over the no-name one - every time.
Brands Reduce Risk
Brands Save Money
Brands Build Equity
Having a strong brand translates to higher value for the company when owners decide to sell.
A recognised brand's equity is not in its plant, people or stock, it's all about the brand.
Is your brand a true
reflection of your company?
It is a powerful emotional tool that communicates instantly.
It creates a gut feeling that makes you recognisable, memorable and attractive to customers and prospects alike.
Every interaction you have with your clients and prospects creates an impression of your business in their mind.

Is your brand creating the right perception?
Take action and improve your brand now

Call Richard for a free audit on
(09) 445 7444
Companies with a culture
of innovation outperform
others by more than
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