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Project presentation about cabot industy made by groep 2

sebastiaan kruseman aretz

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Cabot

Heat exchanger CO-leakage Measurement of fluegas
gas chromatograph Elimination of SO2 what is SO2? What kind of systems are available for Flue Gas Desulfurization? sorbent injection wet scrubber dry scrubber Rain water filter current situation What Cabot needs is an instrument that can measure the suspended solids in effluent continuously. Suspended Solids Turbidity Turbidity turbidimeter Light scattering with single detector placed at 90° from the incident light path solitax dual beam infrared absorption scattered light technique with two detector systems, which placed in 90° and 140° from the incident light path Advantages:
Provides accurate and continuous measurements and completely independent of colour
Self-cleaning device prevents incorrect values
Excellent correlation to laboratory analysis
Easy one-point calibration
Emision trade CO2 + NOx emision Carbon black
Annie Alting
Munish Bidjai
Shalane Mari
Sebastiaan Kruseman Aretz
Bhupinder Singh Sidhu
Thomas Giesen
Pritawardani Table of contents

1. Introduction of Carbon Black
2. Designing a pre-heater (heat exchanger)
3. Mitigating CO leakage
4. Flue Gas Measurement
5. Elimination of SO2
6. Rain Water Filter
7. Emission Trade
8. Conclusion
9. Recommendation What is Carbon Black?

Material produced from the incomplete combustion of petroleum products (oil or gases)

The characteristics determine by its particle size, structure, and surface chemistry Uses of Carbon Black:

Most of the time in tire production
Pigment coloring agent
Electric conductive agent Conclusion

Shell and Tube heat exchanger from Carbon Steel.

Mitigates CO leakage with booster valves, catalyst converter and installing alarm system.

Flue Gas measurement with Gas Chromatograph.

Wet Scrubber the best option for SO2 elimination.

SOLITAX is suitable for suspended solids continuous measurement.

Amount of emission that allow to emit might change. Recomendation

Further experiment to ensure the instrument performance.
e.g. test the water effluent

Installing the measurement device to monitor the emissions. Kyoto agreement
Emission trading
After 2012
Target of Netherlands
Impacts on Cabot after 2012 ???????????????
?? Questions ??
Effects of CO concentration in ppm
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