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Coloured Fire ~ Experiment

No description

Shalom Leger

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Coloured Fire ~ Experiment

Fire Changing Colour
By: Jennifer and Shalom
Blue/Violet Fire
Step 3:
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 1:
Step 3:
Step 2:
White Fire
Next we lit the mixture with the lighter.
Then we waited to see if the mixture would create white fire.
First we poured salt substitute and menthol into the aluminum container.
Next, we lit the the mixture with the lighter
Then we waited to see if the two substances would create blue/violet fire.
First we put borax (boric acid) and menthol in to the aluminum container.
Then we waited to see if the two substances would produce green fire.
After our research, we decided to try methanol instead of menthol. When we put just enough methanol to cover the borax, salt substitute or Epsom salt, it worked. This time we only used a small white mug, instead of a aluminum container.
Step 1:
First we put Epsom salt and menthol into the aluminum container.
Green Fire
Step 2:
Next we ignited the substances with a lighter.
Unfortunately this experiment didn't go as planned. The fire was orange and not the colours we expected it to be. Also, the menthol melted and was not much use. The mixture was very hard to light unlike how the instructions implied it to be.
*Note: It was also a very windy day.
Since our experiment didn't work, we did some research. We found the exact same experiment on YouTube. Although, instead of menthol they used methanol.
(Skip to 0:20)
With Menthol
With Methanol
Why It Worked:
The methanol acted as a fuel which caused the other chemical to ignite. It was difficult to ignite the chemicals the first time because there was nothing acting as a fuel. Orange fire was produced because the menthol was interfering with the other chemicals.
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