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All About Hong Kong

No description

Jerry Cho

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of All About Hong Kong

Hong Kong Hi everyone Basic Development of Hong Kong 2012--> 1997 before
1950 Culture Economic View and
Tourist Spot Relationship
With China Demonstration Food Traditional food Fusion food Culture &Creative
Industries The Cultural and Creative industries (CCI) is one of the
Six Industries earmarked by
the Task Force on Economic Challenges as economic areas where Hong Kong enjoys clear advantages
for further development. Festival Music&Movie
Devlopment School& System Chinese New Year Christmas Mid-Autumn Festival Victoria Habour The Victoria Peak Lantau
Island Cheung Chau Olympic Representative Hong Kong
AFS Principal of the Basic Law:
One country two systems
HongKong people ruling HongKong
Fifty years unchange
High degree of autonomy

Enjoys Executive, Legislative and
Independent Judicial Power,
including that of Final Adjudication.
Hong Kong Residents enjoy the Freedom of
Press and Publication
Procession, Demonstration, Communication, Movement, Conscience,Religious belief, and Marriage
and the right and freedom to form and join trade unions
To strike. Unique Judiciary
System Legislative
System Yumyumyum~~~ Yumyumyum~~ Yumyumyum~ Full Name:Hong Kong
Population: Around
7 000 000
English Currency:
Hong Kong Dollar 1€=10$ Transport Member of the Four Asian Tigers
(Hong Kong.South Korean.Taiwan.Singapore)
*Characterised by
Low taxation
Near-free port trade
Well-established international financial market The Sixth largest Stock Exchange Market
with a market capitalisation
of about US$2.97 trillion GDP: Purchaing Power Parity: $325.755 billion
GDP per Capita:HK$246,733
Labour force:3.2343 million
Unemployment:3.4% Free~ Free~ Free~ Study Work Primary School (6-12) Secondary School(13-18) HKDSE Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Characteristic
A lot of Rules
Stress to be memorising
School Uniform
Single Sex and Normal School The End!
for Your
Listening! *CopyRight Reserved by Jerry Cho Dragon Boat Festival
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