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The pacific ocean

By Sarah

Yetii Lee

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of The pacific ocean

The Pacific Ocean By: Sarah Lee An ecosystem is a community of living things(animals,plants,etc). Many living organisms live together in the same environment and they reproduce, eat, and do many things. Many people throw their garbage into lakes, rivers, oceans and other aquatic habitats. This is called pollution. Also, some people are dynamite fishing in the pacific ocean. Dynamite fishing is when you use explosives to catch a large amount of fish. When people are dynamite fishing they are destroying the habitats of the animals. The habitat can include marshes, sea grassses, and coral reefs. These are all important places that the animals need in order to survive. Hello! This is a presentation about the Pacific ocean. I will be talking about what an ecosystem is, the human impact on the pacific ocean, and some endangered animals that live in the pacific ocean. Some endangered Species: 2. Gray whale 3. Borneo shark 1. Steelhead trout The steller sea lion is listed as an endangered specie in Alaska, California, Cananda, the North pacific ocean, Oregon, Russia and Washington. The gray whale is endangered in some places but not all places. In the eastern pacific area, in 1995 the gray whale was removed from the endangered list. In the western pacific area, the gray whale is still on the endangered list. Thank you for watching my presentation!! THE END!!!! The Borneo shark is a very rare animal. It lives in the shallow waters of the south pacific ocean. Like other whales, the gray whale has been threatened by things like habitat loss and environmental changes. The habitats of the steelhead trout has been destroyed by humans. We are also destroying their breeding streams and that is why there is a low population of this fish. Ecosystem Human impact on the environment Introduction
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