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eko wahjono

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of SESKOAL

A-2 POSAL WETAR 1-G 1-F 1-E 1-D 1-A 1-C 1-A 1 2-B 2-C 2-A 2-E A-2 A-5 A-7 A-4 A-3 A-1 A-8 A-6 2-D 2 3-E 3-E 3-C 3 3-A A 3-B 129° 128° 127° 126° 124° 123° 122° 121° 119° 118° 117° 116° 129° 128° 127° 126° 124° 123° 122° 121° 119° 118° 117° 116° 6° 14° 9° 8° 7° 13° 12° 11° 9° 8° 7° 13° 12° 11° 6° 14° 115 3-E POSAL SABU 3-D POSAL DANA 3-C POSAL WAINGAPU 3-B POSAL SEBA 3-A POSAL PAPELA 3. LANAL P. ROTE 2-E POSAL P. ALOR 2-D POSAL LEMBATA 2-C POSAL MBAY 2-B POSAL ENDE 2-A POSAL LABUHAN BAJO 2. LANAL MAUMERE 1-F POSAL CALABAI 1-E POSAL LABUHAN PADI 1-G POSAL BIMA 1-D POSAL Sel. ALAS 1-C POSAL Tg. AWANG 1-B POSAL GILI AER 1-A POSAL LEMBAR 1. LANAL MATARAM A-6 POSAL Tg. TUTPATEH A-5 POSAL KISAR A-7 POSAL ROMANG A-4 POSAL LIRANG A-3 POSAL ATAPUPU A-8 POSAL OIPOLI A-1 POSAL BOKIN A. LANTAMAL – VII PETA WILAYAH KERJA
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