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Create Your Own Inferno!


Adrianna Chesnut

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Create Your Own Inferno!

DANTE'S INFERNO CRIMINAL HELL ...ABANDON ALL HOPE, YE WHO ENTER HERE... ENTRANCE ...ABANDON ALL HOPE, YE WHO ENTER HERE... PRISON Whether they're still locked up or not, the entrance to Hell appears as a giant prison. Each circle takes the form of a different prison cell, stacked up on top of each other. As each soul enters, three animals cross their path... The Pigeon, symbolizing the defying of censorship, represents the first two layers of Hell. It embodies the criminals who've exposed the innocent to the negative aspects of life. The Hog, who symbolizes greed, represents the criminals who've done what they've done solely for their own personal gain, or the gain of another. It stands for the third through fifth layers of Hell. The Bear, which represents violence, stands for those in the sixth through ninth layers of Hell. It embodies those who've surpassed the acts of greed or censorship, and are just downright violent. ...ABANDON ALL HOPE, YE WHO ENTER HERE... CIRCLE 1 THE VANDALS The Vandals are those who participate in the ruthless destruction or defacing of property without the consent of the owner. The name is derived from the East Germanic tribe, who, in 455, sacked and utterly destroyed Rome. PUNISHMENT: The criminals are all forced to stay trapped in an extremely filthy place. Mad at each other for this problem, they constantly throw the filth around. CIRCLE 2 THE PUBLIC INDECENT/ DRUNK DRIVERS The Public Indecent are those who create unnecessary negative commotion in public areas. They expose the innocence of the public to negative aspects of life. The Drunk Drivers are those who constantly put others in danger by driving under the influence. They, along with the Public Indecent(in most cases), abuse the use of alcohol. PUNISHMENT: These criminals are forever subjected to being aware of their environment, as the only emotion they can feel is embarrassment. Since they didn't seem embarrassed to commit the crime, they must feel what they'ved done. On top of that, they are constantly in danger of being hit by passing objects. CIRCLE 3 THE DEBTORS CIRCLE 4 THE SOLICITORS CIRCLE 5 THE THIEVES CIRCLE 6 THE KIDNAPPERS CIRCLE 7 THE STALKERS CIRCLE 8 THE ABUSERS (MULTILAYER) CIRCLE 9 THE MURDERERS (MULTILAYER) The Debtors are those who owe a large amount of debt to another, whether it be a person, firm, government, company, etc. Though being in debt isn't normally a horrible thing, this layer is for those who made no advances on paying back such huge prices, but instead made the cause a legal case by increasing the amount owed. They kept borrowing and never gave back anything in return. PUNISHMENT: The Debtors must spend all of eternity paying back the "Piggy Banker". They do so by constantly doing vigorous forms of "manual labor". The "Piggy Banker" is the beast of the 3rd circle. Half-pig, half-bank teller, the "Piggy Banker" used to be an over generous man on Earth. He would constantly give out loans irrationally, no matter the person or price, so his punishment is to stay half-pig, working to get his money back. The Solicitors are those who offer illegal goods and services to others, or ask others to commit a crime. PUNISHMENT: As punishment for the assistance in others committing crimes, the Solicitors are forced to eternally do what they forced others to back in their life, whether it be prostitution or something else. The Thieves are those who steal in abundances for their own personal gain, or the gain of others. PUNISHMENT: As punishment for stealing from other, the Thieves are constantly "robbed" of their limbs in a very painful way. When all the limbs are gone, they grow back and the process starts again. The Kidnappers are those who take away others against their own will, usually to be kept in false imprisonment. It may be done for ransom, or the furthering of another crime, but the most common form is flat out child abduction. PUNISHMENT: As punishment for the trapping of others, the Kidnappers are forced to forever swim in a pool of boiling blood, with no chance of escaping. On top of this, they must endure the pain of the "Amber Alert". The "Amber Alert" is the beast that occupies the 6th layer. It takes the form of a distressed little girl with a piercing scream, constantly reminding the inhabitants why they're where they are. The Stalkers are those who pursue upon giving others unwanted/obsessive attention in a mix of intimidation or harassment and, in most cases, abuse. The outcome of these obsessions commonly becomes severely psychiatric, making the crime more serious. PUNISHMENT: As they were the ones who followed others, the Stalkers are punished to walk in a circle endlessly, while beng maimed in anyway by the person behind them. FOUR LAYERS OF ABUSE ANIMAL ABUSE DOMESTIC ABUSE CHILD ABUSE SEXUAL ABUSE THREE LAYERS OF MURDER MANSLAUGHTER HOMICIDE SERIAL KILLERS The Animal Abusers are, obviously, the people who harm animals. They inflict harm upon non-humans for reasons other than self-defense or survival. PUNISHMENT: As punishment for hurting animals, the Animal Abusers are eternally mauled by an abundance of animals. When they "die" or are too torn apart, they are recreated, and the cycle starts again. The Domestic Abusers are those who commit violence against their significant other in a relationship. This can take the form of physical aggression/assault or threats thereof. PUNISHMENT: The Domestic Abusers must endure the torture from the entity of the spouse they abused. These entities aren't kind in anyway, taking the frustration from the pain they endured and forcing it upon the criminal. The Child Abusers are those who participate in the physical or emotional maltreatment or neglect of their child/children. PUNISHMENT: The punishment for the Child Abusers is very similar to that of the one for the Domestic Abusers. However, in this case, the entity of the child is ten times as cruel, as they know nothing else. The Sexual Abusers, or Molesters, are those who force undesired sexual behavior onto other people. This can come in many different forms, including child sexual abuse, spousal sexual abuse, and rape. PUNISHMENT: The Sexual Abusers must spend eternity having done to them what they did to other, in harsher ways. As the souls of the Murderers make their way to the 9th layer, they must past the bridge of the beast, the Grumpy Old Troll. As he always had a proposition for people to get over his bridge, for people to get into deepest level of hell, they must pay him a price. That price is their eyes which show the people they've killed. Those who commit involuntary manslaughter are the ones who unlawfully kill another person unintentionally. Though they murder without meaning to, they still are the cause for the loss of another person's life. PUNISHMENT: The Criminals who committed unintentional manslaughter must spend forever listening on repeat the screams of the one they murdered. Though there's no physical pain in this, the emotional and psychological damage takes its toll after awhile. Those who commit criminal homicide are the ones who kill another human being intentionally. Unlike involuntary manslaughter, they kill with malice for a purpose. PUNISHMENT:Those who purposely murder once in their life have to spend eternity burning slowly in a pit of fire. They caused the death of another life, so they must feel what it's like to die everyday. The Serial Killers are those who've killed more than three people over an extended period of time. Their motivation for killing is usually based on psychological issues. PUNISHMENT: The Serial Killers get to spend their afterlife in a cell cut off from everyone, only able to hear the insane laughing of the beast. They're the ones with psychological damage, so they must endure a harsh, non-physical fate. This slowly adds to their insanity. JOHN WAYNE GACY At the center of Hell itself lies the beast of whats left of John Wayne Gacy. Formerly known as The Killer Clown, the beast of John Wayne Gacy represents the worst crime you can commit, as he himself killed a minimum of 33 boys. Forced to stay as a mutilated clown forever, this beast is the equivalent of Satan. He spends eternity laughing in insanity at the inhabitants of the Criminal Hell.
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