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SP13 Pre Departure Orientation

No description

melanie nelson

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of SP13 Pre Departure Orientation

Paderno & The Veneto Keeping in Touch
Cell phone deal through PicCell- Italian pay-as-you-go phone
Make sure you read the contract
Payphones on campus
Skype or Google Voice
Free text app on iTouch, iPad or iPhone Packing The Campus Campus Arrival Arrive before 6pm
Attend orientation and optional tours
PLEASE CALL HOME! You don't want panicked parents, and neither do we
Dinner will be served Carry-on
iPod and any other travel essentials
Travel & Living Guide
CIMBA contact info
Prescription meds with labels You will receive an email before you leave with details about the airport bus to campus.


If you are unable to make this bus, refer to your Travel & Living Guide. Campus Wear
We recommend one backpack/sturdy bag plus one rolling suitcase! Taking Care of Details Money Matters At what point should I be
worried about my passport? Have I turned in all required forms?
Check your VIP page! Is my financial aid set up? CIMBA Pre-Departure Orientation! Dress Clothes
Business casual for company tours (close-toed shoes)
Semi-formal for formal dinners Workout Clothes
Da Vinci Challenge
Climbing Mount Grappa Prescriptions
BRING ENOUGH for your entire stay
There is a pharmacy down the street if you need OTC medicines
Pack any prescriptions in your carry-on What should I bring? Will my electronics work in Italy?
computers, iPods, cameras, battery chargers
Hair appliances, electric razors, plug-in clocks Should I bring school supplies with me?
At least 1 pen, pencil & 2 notebooks
Some classes may require a financial calculator
What about textbooks? NO! Included!
What items should I wait to buy in Italy?
Laundry supplies, Hair appliances Things you might miss... Ranch dressing (or any other dressing)
BBQ sauce
Free ketchup at McDonald's
Mexican food
Super-fast internet
Peanut butter Things you won't miss... Being constantly attached to your cell phone
Stressing about life
Washing your sheets
Staying in one place for more than a few weeks Getting to Campus Buying a Ticket Arriving in Mestre Mestre Train Station Walk into the Train Station If you wind up on the island Signs in Venice Piazzale Roma - Ferrovia Meanwhile, Back in Mestre... Station "Lobby" Schedule Board Ticket Machines (similar) Train Ticket Validate your ticket!! Take the stairs to your "Binario" Wait for Your Train on the Platform Wait on Platform Get on this Train Last Stop - Bassano del Grappa Campus! Bassano to Paderno And then... How do I find out about shuttle to campus?
Look for an email a week before you leave
What if I miss the shuttle or get lost?
See directions in the Travel and Living Guide. You can either try the public bus or take a taxi from the Bassano del Grappa train station. Tell them "Institutto Filippin in Paderno del Grappa" and they should be able to take you from there. Instituto Fillipin Full-Service Facilities Recreation Facilities Laundry & Dining Hall Campus Life CIMBA staff members?
Al Ringleb, Cristina Turchett
Heather Schnacke, Adam Luck, Ilya Gokhman, Dan Davis, Silvia Zillioto, Anna Fiumicetti
Resident Assistant
Is there a doctor on campus?
Nurse Ivana
How big is campus?
Roughly 26 acres. Classrooms are within a 90 second brisk walk from the dorms More Campus Life What are the residence halls like?

How's the food?

Will I be able to work out?

What is the laundry system like? Classes in Italy Classes M-F, block schedule

Classes are small and interactive

Class is mandatory

No assignments over breaks

Textbooks upon arrival Quintessential Italian Town Is it easy to get around?
If trains can't get you there, Fabio or Alberto will! How's the weather? What is the nightlife like?
A pizzeria & a bar in Paderno with other options within walking distance
A place to relax with friends and meet a few locals What is there to do for fun?
Sports complex on campus
Hang out in the Iowa Room
Grab a pastry and cappuccino at Alpina
Hike Mt. Grappa
Wine tour
Shop the Sunday morning market in Crespano Explore Nearby Towns Asolo Bassano del Grappa Crespano del Grappa Castelcucco Castelfranco Veneto Fonte Marostica Montebelluna Padova Treviso Valdobbiadene Venezia Vicenza Verona Internet
Computer lab on campus
Wi-Fi in most areas on campus
Post office nearby
Shipping to campus - Do not claim value
Keep it mind it takes a few weeks
Shipping home - Expensive Keeping in Touch Safety Low crime rate in Italy
Theft vs violence
Campus has 24-hour security
Tourists are targets
Be aware of your surroundings
Keep valuables in a safe place
Tourist locations and transportation hubs
ALWAYS keep a copy of your passport in a separate location from your original passport Travel Opportunities Travel FAQs Do you recommend buying a Eurail Pass?

How are the budget airlines?

Where did you travel during breaks? Travel FAQs What are hostels like?

Which travel books do you recommend?

Do you have any other travel tips? Useful Websites www.sta.com (airline & train info)
www.ryanair.com (cheap flights in Europe)
www.skyscanner.net (cheap flights)
www.landnet.it (info about Paderno)
www.trenitalia.com (Italian train info)
www.cimbaitaly.com (our website) Ciao! Welcome to What questions do you have? Alcohol Most safety/health issues while abroad are related to alcohol
Part of Italian culture
Cultural drinking vs. drinking to be drunk
Alcohol content in higher in European beers and wines
Wine has more alcohol per serving than beer More Safety! Avoid political gatherings
Buddy system
Always have emergency $$$
Carry CIMBA campus contact info and emergency # Venice Santa Lucia vs Venice Mestre What you will learn Packing
Cultural differences
Money matters
Keeping in touch
Travel Electronics Voltage - Device must accept 220 V
Adapter vs. converter School Supplies Pen/Pencil
Financial calculator (as needed)
Textbooks upon arrival Good
Battery charger Bad
American hair dryers
Electronic razors
Plug-in clocks Behavior Make good choices!
Representing your home university, CIMBA, and America while you're abroad
Know local laws and regulations Two 9-day breaks
One long weekend
Most regular weekends Totaling over 25 days
of travel! Example: Osprey Porter 46 Don't let this happen to you! Check the current exchange rate
For example: 1 Euro = 1.29 USD
Keep exchange rate in mind

Coins may have a high value

Common times you'll use cash: markets, street purchases, food, dining out

There is an ATM on campus and one down the road
Check with your bank about any ATM fees
Recommend withdrawing larger cash amounts each time you visit an ATM to minimize fees
Be sure ATM card logos match your debit card $$$ Tips Before you leave...
Convert $50-100 into Euro
Call bank and let them know travel dates
Make sure that you have online access to bills (or give someone at home access)
Be sure to have a safe storage place for money (money belt, wallet, across body bag) Spending $$$ Averages

Budgeted traveler-$2,000-$3,000
Average traveler- $3,000-$4,000
Lavish- $4,000+ Cash Common times you'll use credit cards: larger souvenir items, booking travel online (hostels, planes, trains)

Call your credit/ debit card provider prior to leaving:

Inquire about any international fees you may incur
Order a back-up of each card to bring
Tell them your international travel dates so they do not freeze your account
Put a trusted family member/friend on account in case of emergencies
Ask about the phone numbers you will need to cancel card in case lost or stolen

Make copies of your cards to have in back up locations Credit Cards
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