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The life of a Neuropsychologist.

The title says it all...

Kenneth Lam

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of The life of a Neuropsychologist.

The life of a Neuropsychologist Neuropsychology Neuropsychology A neuropsychologist is a psychologist who studies the functions of the brain and how they work. They might study memory, incoherent responses, or more.

Daily tasks of a neuropsychologist would include: researching the brain, diagnosing or examining patients or subjects, consulting pharmaceutical drugs that impact the nervous system, and performing neuropsychological tests and scans. A more indepth look. Neuropsychologists can work in a variety of different environments, you can work in a clinic diagnosing patients or you can work in a laboratory studying and experimenting on the brain. You can also be in a forensic setting as an expert witness or in an academic setting where you teach. You would typically work full-hours or even weekends meaning at least 60 hours of work a week.

This field is expected to grow tremendously as it is experiencing an 18% increase, so lots of jobs are open. Salary Salaries for a neuropsychologist can vary drastically depending on experience, and where you work. The median for a neuropsychologist would be $86,000 a year. It can range from: $42,000 - $117,000.

If you are fresh out of school you would get: $42,000
If you have 5 years of experience: $64,000
If you have 10 years of experience: $90,000
If you have 15 years of experience: $105,000
If you have 20 years or more: $117,000 High School Plan It is recommended to take a psychology course as early as possible. Mathematics and Science are also a great help. English is also a necessary component. Grade 11:

Intro to psychology
University English
University Math
University Biology
SBI3U1 Grade 12:

University English
Data Management
University Biology
SBI4U1 University and Beyond If you truly believe that Neuropsychology is the thing you want to do then you will need to get your degrees. To enter the university of your choice you will obviously need high grades and a high GPA.

Two universities that provide these programs include: University of Toronto, and McMasters' University. Degrees You will need to first get your undergraduate degree in Psychology. To enter Graduate school you must pass the GPE (Graduate Requisite Exam) and the Psychology Subject Matter test. Once you have finished that you will have to decide whether you want to get your Doctor of Psychology degree or not since most programs do not offer a Master's Degree.

Your undergraduate would take 4-5 years while your Psy.D would take another 4-7 years of study. You will also need several years of Clinical Experience and finally your License. Challenges There are obviously many obstacles to becoming a successful Neuropsychologist. The first and foremost one would be the strenuous and tedious amounts of work to get your Psy.D. You would have to work extremely hard to accomplish this. Next would be the experience required to have a high paying salary. You would need many years of experience to reach the highest salary payout.
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