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Bibliographic methods

Introduction to Endnote & Zotero

Phil Davies

on 29 October 2018

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Transcript of Bibliographic methods

Bibliographic Databases
How do you keep track of your literature sources?
How do you re-number when a new reference needs to be added at the beginning?
Can you change the reference style when Nature rejects your paper and you have to send it to the RSC?
Can you look at references on the train home?
A typical paper has ~35 references,
a review might have 350.

Biblographic Programs
Maintains a “Library” of the references used. Ideally stores PDF's of each reference.
“Cite-while-you-write” Place references in a document as you write.
Bibliography creation. Creates, formats & numbers the bibliography automatically.
Install through the University Applications. Only accessible in University
Stores files in your H:\ drive and will fail if there isn't enough space.
Cite-while-u-write works with Word not OpenOffice.
Reference data can be captured from WoK and SciFinder. Stored in a Library. Library can be stored on a USB key instead of H:\.
PDF's not automatically captured. Can be linked manually
Very stable & reliable.
Very large range of accurate styles – editable (with a bit of effort!)
Install through the Web of Knowledge. Accessible wherever you can log into WoK (needs internet!)
Cite-while-u-write works with Word. Not Openoffice. Will work on any computer once “Add-in” for Word is installed.
Reference data can be captured from WoK only. Library stored in the “Cloud”
PDF's cannot be captured or linked directly.
Seemed stable & reliable.
Range of styles
Free download & Install from Zotero homepage.
Interfaces with Word and OpenOffice. (In theory bibliographies can be transferred between the two: in practice disaster often ensues!!)
Reference data can be captured from almost anywhere: WoK, SciDirect, Amazon, Blackwells.....
PDF's automatically captured & linked.
Library can be stored wherever you want. USB key, “cloud”, hard disk. Stored references therefore always accessible online or off.
Not always stable or reliable.
Good range of accurate styles – not easily editable.
Does not handle journal abbreviations!
Dealing with references
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