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The Environment

BUS. 202 - Ethics & ValuesAutumn 2012

Alanda Theriault

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of The Environment

Question The
Environment Agenda 1. Final exam review
2. Discussion & Presentations.
3. Business, ethics, and the environment. what obligations, if any, do businesses have towards the environment? ethical theories? Traditional Attitudes Towards the Environment nature was thought to be enduring, free to all, and there to be controlled and dominated.
"the commons" - air, water, wilderness - is there for the benefit of all individuals to use for own interest.
ethical attitudes: only instrumental worth to humans; we create meaning and use for what is given to us in nature - ANTHROPOCENTRIC Contemporary Attitudes nature is a natural right; all individuals have a right to be born into an environment that is not degraded.
humans are stewards of nature; we are entrusted with taking care of the environment.
nature has intrinsic value.
PHYSIOCENTRIC The Ethics of Environmental Protection A broad or narrow view of responsibility?
The cost-benefit of pollution control.
Who should play the costs? Those responsible? Those who would benefit? How Do We Achieve Our Environmental Goals? Regulations


Pricing More Issues in Environmental Ethics What obligations do we have to those who live outside of our society? What obligations do we have towards future generations? What is the value of nature? To whom is it valuable? Have we any moral obligations to animals? Discussion & Presentations Our last class :(
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