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Chew On This: Stop the Pop

No description

Layla Reynolds

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Chew On This: Stop the Pop

Stop the Pop
Soda and Fast Food in Cultures and Schools
Soda has taken over many traditional cultures and has a big influence on how natives live life*
Alaskan cultures are being destroyed and modernized by fast food and soda companies
Fast food and soda corporations have managed to work their way into schools after lots of hard work and determination
One fifth of public schools sell food from fast food restaurants
The National School Lunch Act wasn't completely supported and enforced
Using Teachers & Other Companies
Fast food chains use soda to make more money- "You can earn a lot of money selling sugar and water in a paper cup," (pg.142).
The amount of soda being consumed at fast food restaurants is ridiculously high*
People of all ages contribute to the purchasing of soda
Some teachers are influencing students to drink soda
Tooth Problems & Cutting Back
People are losing their teeth because they drink so much soda*
Inuits used to have healthy teeth, but once they started eating junk food, tooth decay was discovered in them
Soda is less expensive than bottled water in many stores in Alaska
Coke planes are big advertisements for soda companies in Alaska
Alaska is rarely provided with dental care
Many Alaskan teenagers lose their permanent teeth before they reach the age of 16
"Baby Bottle Syndrome" causes the upper teeth to decay away into little black nubs
Some attempts at getting people to cut back on
drinking soda are succeeding, but some aren't
making any progress
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
and Obesity
Soda companies have come up with various ways to sell their products in elementary, middle, and high schools*
Some companies reward good grades with free, unhealthy food and others start advertising at an early age
Students are eating unhealthy school lunches and becoming overweight because the schools are offering junk food
Many students would rather eat junk food than healthier options
Companies tend to advertise about how the food tastes and don't mention the nutritional facts
Alaskan cultures have been impacted greatly by fast food
Fast food corporations have somehow managed to be in many public schools
Companies have lots of ways to advertise their products
Soda organizations use other businesses to sell their items
Soda can cause tooth aches and tooth decay
Processed foods have changed the lives of children by affecting their weight and leading to childhood obesity
People are trying to convince people to cut
back on soda

Layla Reynolds
Chew On This:
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