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No description

James Do

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of THOR

Thor, the god of Thunder
Personality and Ancestry
Fiery temper
Insatiable hunger and thirst
Arrogant and cruel
Makes rash decisions
Father is Odin
Mother is Frigg
Most popular among gods
Loved by humans and gods
Respected by giants
Battles, Weapons and Armour
Fought monstrosities
Killed Jormungand
Wielded Mjollnir
Wore iron gloves
Bore a belt
Appearance and Symbols
Red haired and red bearded
Large Figure
Red cape
Eyes of lightning
Rides a chariot
Mjollnir was symbolic of lightning
Men would wear hammer shaped amulets
From Norse Mythology
Is god of thunder, lightning, winds, rains and crops
Lives in Asgard
Strongest of Aesir
Going to Jotunheim
Utgard-Loki mocks Thor and challenges him
Giants had deceived him
Drinking horn was connected to the sea
Cat was Jormungand
Grandmother was old age
Mjollnir was missing
Loki asks the giants if they stole it
Thrym admitted to hiding it
Thrym wants Freyja as his wife
Heimdall tells Thor to dress in bridal linen
When the hammer was brought, Thor slaughtered Thrym and all of his kin in cold blood
The gods were having a feast
Needed Hymir's cauldron
Thor volunteers to retrieve it
Slaughters his bulls to use as bait
Thor rows too far from land
Is warned about Jormungand
Hooks the serpent
Boat is nearly destroyed
Hymir cuts line
Thor's hall Bilskirnir, or lightning, is said to
have 540 rooms!
Thor is one of the three main gods of the Norse. The other two are Odin and Frey.
Many Norse temples had a ceremonial hammer in them. They would use it to bless various things, such as feats and weddings.
Modern Connection
Two movies made about him
Thor is played by Chris Hemsworth
Thursday is named after Thor
Thor is a member of the Avengers
Thor's son, Magni, is the god of strength, and is the only other person who can wield Mjollnir.
1. What were the Aesir?
2.Who is Thor's father?
3. What is the name of Thor's hammer?
1. Thor's chariot was pulled by what animals?
2. Why couldn't Thor empty the drinking horn?
3. How low beneath the earth did Thrym hide Thor's hammer?
4. Who does Thrym request as his wife?
5. Who suggested the idea of dressing Thor in bridal linen?

1. Who were the gods preparing a feast for?
2. What item did they need to make preparations for the feast?
3. What animal does Thor slaughter to use their heads as bait?
4. Who plays Thor in the two most popular movies made about him?

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