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Playing the Feud, Winning a Friend, and Losing My Mind!

Lessons Learned in Four Years as an LMS (MASL 2011 presentation)

Matthew Winner

on 20 October 2011

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Transcript of Playing the Feud, Winning a Friend, and Losing My Mind!

LOSING MY MIND! Playing the Feud, Winning a Friend, and (lessons learned in four years as an LMS) Matthew C. Winner Longfellow ES
Columbia, MD busylibrarian.com Enough with introductions, here's our TO DO: Who are you?
...and what are you doing
? IN MY HEAD RIGHT THIS WAY to Introductions, Formalities, and Disclaimers Who are you? ...and why do you belong here? 1.
5. Advocacy Fun at Work New Ideas Annecdotes Being Awesome I am a devoted teacher (7th year) and proud LMS (5th year) with little more to share than the experience I've gained in the field, the ideas I've picked up from my colleagues, and the drive to be a passionate risk-taker concerned above all else with providing the very best learning environment and opportunites for my students. My sole purpose in sharing this session is to inspire others to do so, too. We all struggle, feel doubt, seek inspiration, look to breath new life into our practice, and have incredible ideas worth sharing, but may lack the confidence to do so in front of an intimidating audience such as that of our peers. It is my hope that you will find something of value here. Something you can take and make your own. And that you'll share it, in time, with all of us so that we, too, can be inspired. DISCLAIMER: Also, I feel obligated to tell you, before we proceed any further together, that... I am a . NERD Admit it!
You are, too!
(just a little bit) Things we have
: in common 1. The stakes are raising.
Challenges keep getting bigger. - Common Core
- Restricted budgets
- Fewer weekly planning hours
- Positions eliminated -
- 2. Patrons. -
- - Seeking knowledge
- Seeking support
- Seeking understanding
- Seeking guidance
- Seeking the unknown 3. Flexible curriculum yields innovative teaching. - Creativity by design
- No deadlines. No mandates
- Try. Fail. Reimagine. (or scrap the whole thing and try something else!) -
- a story about... BEING BUSY reviewer for LMC + BES commitee + A&S cohort + school webmaster + green team coordinator + STEM Master Teacher + RA team leader + curriculum writing + evening school events + student book clubs + teaching responsibilities + (worship team + housechuch + family + wife + )
a math ! PROBLEM NEW BABY AHHHH!! = being you is HUGE - understand your impact
- find your strengths
- lay claim to your identity
- use your voice
- figure out what works; quit what doesn't
a story about... IDENTITY Ups Downs and (and back ups) Overlook the experience of others in lieu of self-preservation. ways to be noticed GREAT Sharing what's going on in your library
via email, newsletter, or website. Knowing your students (names, siblings, and interests as well as interventions, reading levels, and accomodations). Planning collaboratively with colleagues face-to-face, virtually, or via email. Contributing to the profession (blog, present, share resources, form a PLC, mentor a colleague). UNFORTUNATE ways to be noticed Be an island. Live like an islander.
Life off the island offers little more than woes, stress, and unrealistic ideals. Refuse to bend. Resist change. Maintain the old world view. Times used to be better, right? Stick with what you know. Why try to learn something new when there's even a chance of failure? Nobody wants to be humiliated. a story about... KEEPING UP twitter, google+, facebook,
abounding trends,
& trembling in the shadow of giants ONE GIANT LEAP or two... or three STEM in Media/Tech ISTE Dream Team Related Arts
Schedule Replacement Plan Using the Wii in Math Parent Volunteers a story about... PLAYING
THE FEUD WINNING A FRIEND a story about... Well now, that's just absolutely fabulous. How 'bout a kiss? When things are on the
and ... . archive the great things you do
. invite an administrator to a lesson
. spread the word to your peeps
. do something spontaneous with your students UP UP 1 2 3 4 B Facing your O W S E R - change in administration
- work life taking over personal life
- program scrutiny
- personnel differences
- bored and uninspired Mario, at some point you've just got to learn to love the journey. “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Benjamin Franklin ~ Our Feuding Contestants:
- Dr. Joyce Valenza - NeverEndingSearch Blog
- Gwyneth Jones - The Daring Librarian
- Shannon McClintock Miller - Van Meter Library VOICE
- Chad Lehman - IMCGuy
- Matthew Winner - The Busy Librarian
- Nicholas Provenzano - The Nerdy Teacher
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