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Pathways Project


Nicholas Oostdyk

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Pathways Project

Pathways. To be, or not to be? JUMP! At Wilfred Laurier University The Answer
May Suprise you or maybe not. A Computer Scientist? Maybe a Computer
Scientist? or a Music Teacher? Mechanical Engineer? Then i have to chose a
university? More choices! And then i have to
chose a university? Waterloo? Queen's? U of T? For four years of computer science at U of T
it costs just under $21,000 (Just courses) Same
cost for
the music
program 78 - 83 %
to get in i must take... Grade 12 English Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors Computer
Engineer This is a programing/Evaluation board. a
computer engineer can use this for a processer
hardware, and software design Computer science is the study of the use of computers to process information. Computer science is concerned with producing correct, efficient, and maintainable algorithms for a wide variety of applications. Closely related is the development of tools to foster these goals: programming languages for expressing algorithms; operating systems to manage the resources of a computer; and various mathematical and statistical techniques to study the correctness and efficiency of algorithms. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? Well obviously
i have to get good
grades! Have to take the
classes too! These ones
to be exact! Grade 12 English
Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors
Grade 12 Advanced Functions So... What now? What am I to do in life What will I become? •Programmer
•App Designer
•Web Developer
•Software Developer
•App Tester
•Video Game Tester These are just a few of the jobs i could have :/ Music Moosic is sound that can combine many different pitches to create a harmony. 75 to 80% And You MUST
Take Grade 12 English Job Opportunities Job Opportunities Moosition
Singer Laurier Expirience Overall I think that the workshop of music at laurier was not very good, but fun. When we got there, all we did was pick up a few instruments and play to songs. but then it started to get better we watched this video by a bunch of people who go by the name of STOMP. they take random things and make music with them. after the video we made our own stomp. it was fun to see what they all sounded like. Thank you all for watching! Bibliography Over the entire period of time
i used http://www.schoolfinder.com
http://www.youtube.com ^^ youtube was really a distraction
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