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Passion Project


Quintin Serrano

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Passion Project

By: Quintin Serrano Skiing Skiing and its History Skis The Mountain Ski Movies There are many parts of a ski:
The tip/nose, tail, waist/underfoot, shovel, camber, contact points, edge, side cut, binding, brake, top, graphics, and base. Every ski mountain is different. Depending on where it is located a mountain will get different types of snow and have different terrain. The most popular producer of ski films is Warren Miller. The most Recent film made by Warren Miller is called The Flow State. Skiing: recreation, sport, and mode of transportation that involves moving over snow by the use of a pair of long, flat runners called skis, attached or bound to shoes or boots. Definition There are three different types of skiing: Alpine Nordic Freestyle Alpine skiing is also known as down hill skiing. In downhill skiing the ski boot is attached to the ski at two points. Allowing the skier to remain upright while on a steep slope. Downhill skiing was not recognized as an actual sport until 1930 Alpine Skiing In competitions, Alpine skiing is divided into two sections (speed and technical events), each containing two races. Speed events: Downhill ski racing and Super-G Technical events: Slalom and Giant Slalom http://universalsports.com/video/2012-fis-alpine-skiing-world-cup-semmering-slalom-shiffrin-skies-out/ http://universalsports.com/video/2012-fis-alpine-skiing-world-cup-bormio-downhill-reichelt-and-paris-tie-for-win/ The oldest known skis ever to be discovered were found in Russia and date back to 8000-7000 B.C.E. The oldest known skis ever to be found date back to 8000-7000 B.C.E. They were found in Russia. Some of the first skis were short and broad. They looked more like snowshoes than skis. The first written reference to skis came from Northern China during the Han Dynasty Skiing was used for hunting, transportation, and war. Ski troops were used in World War I and II. Nordic Skiing Nordic skiing is also known as Classic skiing or cross country. It comes from Norway and other Scandinavian countries. In Nordic skiing the boot is only attached to the ski at one point, the toe. This allows the skier to lift their heel from the ski. This is called a Telemark ski. There are two types of modern Nordic competitions. Cross Country races and Ski Jumping. Until 1970 there was only one style of cross country, skiing on parallel tracks. Until an american named Bill Kotch started using a skating stride. Freestyle Skiing Freestyle skiing is a combination of acrobatics and skiing. The skis that are used in freestyle are very similar to those used in Alpine. The boot is attached to the ski at both the toe and heel. The main competitive aspects of Freestyle skiing are aerials and moguls. Aerials: Is when the skier picks up speed on the inrun and then goes of a jump. While they skier is in the air they must complete certain tricks. They are scored on level of difficulty and how well it is executed. Moguls: Is an event where the skier skis a run that is 660-890 ft. The skier has to navigate through the large bumps called moguls. Skiers are scored on speed, technique, and two mandatory jumps. In 1981 Freestyle skiing was considered an official sport. Acro Also known as ballet, acro was one of freestyles first competitive event.
It was invented in the early 1930s in Europe.
It was very much like figure skating and gymnastics.
There was a 90 second routine set to music where the skier performed jumps, flips, and spins on a gently sloping hill. By the year 2000 Acro was replaced by half pipe and ski-cross If a ski has rocker, then its contact points will move inward when pressure is applied to the top of the ski. When a ski is twin tipped the tail will have a shovel. this allows a skier to ski backwards and have better control, in some aspects. If a ski has anti-camber or reverse camber then it will only have one large point of contact in the center. Twin tipped camber Twin tipped anti-camber Camber one tip Types of snow: powder, hard packed, groomed, ice, cement, slush, dust on crust, crust on dust, heavy, light, moguls, and crud. If a mountain is higher up, then it generally will have better snow than a mountain with a lower altitude. A mountain with less cliffs and more gentle slopes will make a better resort. Although steep slopes are still needed. Rating of difficulty:
Bunny Slope- easiest Green Circle- easy
Blue Square- medium Blue Diamond(rare)- advanced
Black Diamond- Difficult
Double Black Diamond- experts only
Yellow- Out of Bounds More Things about Snow and the Mountain Cornice: It is a snow formation that looks like a ledge and hangs out over a steep slope. They sometimes collapse and cause avalanches. Bowl: A bowl is a very wide run that has a curve to it. This makes it look like a huge bowl. Shoot: A very narrow and steep run that is not normally very long. Death Cookies: These are clumps of hard packed snow or ice that sit in the middle of a run. They can be small or large. They normally cause skiers to fall. Pillow Line: It is a ridge of powder that is above another ridge of powder When shooting a ski video, the people who are doing the trick will have to try over and over until they con get the shot they want. It takes multiple hours to get footage of one stunt. Although Warren Miller productions are the most popular, the ski film "Every Day Is A Saturday" is seen by many others (including me) as the best ski movie. If you are ever planing on shooting your own ski video a GoPro is a good thing to have since they give you a really cool shooting angle. It is a newer type of camera that is now being used in ski movies. Bibliography "Alpine Skiing." Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2013. "Freestyle Skiing (sport)." Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2013. "Nordic Skiing." Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2013 "Skiing (sport)." Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2013. The End Safety Helmet Avalanche Beacon + Avalanche gear Skis and boots Whistle Tree Wells Ski in Pairs of 3 Goggles Don't get lost
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