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Nógrád Novohrad

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of geoparkok_prezi_uj_utak_a_foldtudomanyban

A Novohrad - Nógrád Geopark bemutatása
2013. október 11.
Ősi világ határok nélkül
A geoparkok nemzetközi jelenléte és jelentősége napjainkban
Novohrad - Nógrád Geopark Nonprofit Kft.
Kéri István
2000. június 5.
Lesvos, Görögország
2004. február 13.
Párizs, Franciaország
Reserve Geologique de Haute-Provence
Vulkaneifel Geopark
Lesvos Geopark
Parque Cultural del Maestrazgo
Natural sciences >>>
Enviroment >>>
Global Geoparks
35 - Novohrad - Nógrád Geopark, 2010. tavasz
52 - Bakony - Balaton Geopark, 2012. ősz
2013. őszén 58 európai geopark, 21 országot reprezentálva
2013. tavaszán 100 globális geopark, 29 országot reprezentálva
Arouca Declaration
2011. november 12.
The International Congress of Geotourism, under the auspices of UNESCO, took place in the Arouca Geopark (Portugal) from 9 to 13 November 2011. The theme was Geotourism in Action - Arouca 2011. As result of the discussions that took place during this event, the Organizing Committee, in keeping with the principles put forth by the Center for Sustainable Destinations – National Geographic Society presents the Arouca Declaration, which establishes the following:
We recognize that there is a need to clarify the concept of geotourism. We therefore
believe that geotourism should be defined as tourism which sustains and enhances the
identity of a territory, taking into consideration its geology, environment, culture,
aesthetics, heritage and the well-being of its residents. Geological tourism is one of the
multiple components of geotourism.
Geological tourism is a basic tool for the conservation, dissemination and cherishing of
the history of Life on Earth, including its dynamics and mechanisms. It enables visitors
to understand a past of 4600 million years so as to view the present from another
perspective and project possible shared futures for the Earth and humankind.
Appreciation of geological heritage should try to break new ground and prioritise the
use of new technology over the use of traditional information posters.
Knowledge and information about geological heritage is often not presented a way that
is easily understood by the general public. As a rule, this information comes in the style
of scientific treatises which, besides using highly specialised language, leave visitors in
the dark and limit touristic impact. Information must be accessible and intelligible for the
general public, presented in a few basic concepts and with clarity, resulting in the
combined efforts of scientists, interpretation experts and designers.
We thus believe the time has come to resurrect the basic principles of interpretation
proposed in 1957 by Freeman Tilden and apply them to geological heritage:
- Any presentation of geological heritage that does not somehow relate to
something in the personal experience of the visitor will be sterile;
- Information is not interpretation. Interpretation is revelation based on information.
The two things are entirely different, but all interpretation includes information;
- The interpretation of a natural space must provoke and arouse curiosity and
emotion much more than teaching;
We encourage territories to develop geotourism focused not only on the environment
and geological heritage, but also on cultural, historical and scenic value. In this sense,
we encourage the effective involvement of local citizens and visitors, so they are not
restricted to the role of tourist spectators, thus helping to build a local identity and
promote what is authentic and unique in the territory. In this way we ensure that the
territory and its inhabitants obtain environmental integrity, social justice and
sustainable economic development.
Köszönöm figyelmüket!
Novohrad - Nógrád Geopark Nonprofit Kft.
Kéri István
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