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Parent Express Email For All Your School Groups

Learn how all the leaders in your school can benefit from Parent Express Email!

Darren Lancaster

on 2 November 2011

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Transcript of Parent Express Email For All Your School Groups

Why not use PEX for all your school groups?
Committee Leader(s)
PEX Sub-Groups
Leaders in your school can have their own "mini-PEX" for group communications
Sub-group leaders can manage their own group membership
and your favorite email application
to confidently reach all your group members in minutes
4. Or use the web interface to create “beautiful” emails
5. Your emails can include...
Images & graphics
Web links
Downloadable files as a clickable link...
Or as a an attachment
Polls, surveys, or volunteer requests
3. Use the Quick Send feature...
6. Use member lists...
to control exactly who you need to reach in your group
7. All your emails are archived
for easy reference and re-use
10. Or use immediate online chat to get live support
9. Search our knowledge base and ask a question in our support community
8. Are you currently using Yahoo Groups?
Here's 5 reasons you should switch to PEX:
1) No more restrictions on adding only 50 members per day
Upload your entire member list and start sending today!

2) PEX has MUCH better file attachment handling.

3) Online email editor is dramatically more powerful.

4) Add polls, surveys, or volunteer requests into your email.

5) Get free online support.
Thanks for asking!
From the Manage Sub-Groups tab you can:
Add sub-groups and assign leaders
Learn how to send an email to the other leaders at your school offering them sub-groups

Now that you're using
Parent Express Email (PEX)
to send email to your school community
Top 10 reasons PEX is WAY better than:
Managing your own list of email addresses?
Using Yahoo Groups?
Paying for an email marketing solution?
1. Shared membership means...
Chess Club
Mrs. Smith's 1st grade class
Your members have:
One account
One email address to keep current
Regardless ot number of groups a member belongs to
2. Group collaboration feature
So how can I get started using sub-groups?
From Jasmin
and really nice support team!
and the rest of our
This is a self-paced tour...
Click the arrow button
one more time to start

For best results, view this tour in fullscreen
(or use the forward & backward keys on your keyboard)
for all your school groups
If you are a leader needing a sub-group, you can either:
1) Send an email to support@groupvine.com including your school's name and desired name for your sub-group,


2) Contact your school PEX Administrator and request a sub-group.
If you are a PEX Admin at your school:
Allow group members to also send email with or without moderation approval
and really nice support team!
and the rest of our
for all your school groups
Click on any section to revisit
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