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project presentation

Amanda Rozenuk

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of www.immigrationnorthwesternontario.ca

BE FLEXIBLE: our advertising spans many different types of media.
Immigration Northwestern Ontario Portal
Advertising Plan

April 7th, 2011
Agency: PL²ANS
In advertising for the Immigration Northwestern Ontario Web Portal, we want to use visually attractive ads that exemplify the beauty of the area and use the ads to educate people on everything the area has to offer.
Our Vision
1. Increase hits to the Northwestern Ontario Immigration Portal website.

2. Increase awareness levels for the Portal website among the target markets.

3. Create an appealing image of Northwestern Ontario.

4. Promote a healthy lifestyle in all advertising.
Our Goals
Our Target Market
1. Foreign Students
Our Strategy
BE CREATIVE: we will use our fresh, innovative and unique
personalities to generate creative ideas.
BE FUTURISTIC: the internet is the best tool to advertise a website, we spent 68% of our budget in this medium.
BE INNOVATIVE: we propose a plan to give every person a unique experience during his/her visit to the website.
2. Business Owners
3. Retirees
4. Migrant Families
P L² A N S
Campaign Slogan:
where else can you?
can also be used as web banners
business owners
Internet Ads
let`s see how they look...
posters - magazines - transit
...about that $250,000 budget
Transit Ads
Thank You!
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