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Satellites Template

About Complex satellites

Guilherme Marques Mattos

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Satellites Template

Sistemas Celulares Parts of a satellite
The reason satellites are made
The command antenna is a main part because it is used to communicate with the receiving station What are the parts that every satellite needs to have The satellite platform carries the basic
system and the equipment needed to do the satellite's job A satellite also needs mirror panels because mirror panels reflect sun rays so that the satellite does not become too hot
An important part is the solar panels
They are important because without them the satellite would not have enough energy to orbit the earth Satellites are used for many reasons
The six main types of satellites are called scientific, weather, communication, navigation, earth observing and military
Scientific satellites:
Used for observing other planets
Sometimes they are used to record changes on earth Weather satellites:
Help us study weather patterns and forecast weather Communication satellites:
Transmit signals from cell phones, email, etc Navigation satellites:
Locate lost ships or airplanes
Help guide ships and airplanes like a GPS
Earth observing:
Used to find the amount of resources our planet has Military satellites :
Include all of the 5 types of satellites but for military uses
There are military satellites that detect the launch of a missile How does a satellite work A satellite has to have a telemetry our else the station will not be able to communicate with the satellite A problem in communication can occur if the satellites command antenna is not facing the telemetry A satellite has to be over 3600 km or else it will not orbit the earth
The satellite has to be launched in a certain orbit What planets did humans get information on because of satellites The satellite sent to Mars was called the Viking
The satellite sent to Venus was called the Pioneer The satellites sent to the 4 gas giants were called the Voyager 1 and the Voyager 2 Using the Viking humans have mapped Mars close to a 100% The satellite got information for 14 years until it crashed into of Venus The 4 gas giants line up only once 176 years and humans used that to get information on the giants They launched 2 satellites They got information on all the four planets How much space junk and how many satellites are orbiting earth There are 3000 satellites orbiting the Earth There are 11 million pounds of space junk orbiting Earth
The junk stretches 20,000 miles above the Earth
Also most of the junk is man made THE END
Thanks Found pictures at google.image.com By: Bryan Saldanha
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