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5sos powerpoint

No description

Freaking Nikay yy

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of 5sos powerpoint

5sos powerpoint
for the little fricker
!! warning lots of hotness and useless facts ahead !!
Who is 5sos???
what is ' 5 sauce ' ?
is that some austrian ketchup??
is that an emergency like sos??
is that when 5 things go wrong?

who knows??
Luke Hemmings
17 years old
tall little fricker
gets along with calum the best
favorite number is 7
really likes penguins
he is the shyest out of the gang
known for his hugs
he is mine
he is so cute like he needs to stop it
Ashton Irwin
has really big hands
like they are huge !!
wears this gay bandana
he would date a fan
he is adrobs af
like how is he so perf??
dyes his hair way too much
he is the sassiest out of the crew
knows all fangirl lingo
his middle name is Gordon and he hates it omg
watches the walking dead
he is very sassy and dorky and so cute byeavdl
his hair omg omgomgomgomg
like boy dye it again it all fall out like ahah
bye bye hair

i have no friends .
Calum Hood
Calum is not Asian. He’s Kiwi and Scottish.
really really likes pizza
other boys claim that he has the best butt in the crew
loves tea
also is in love with a girl named jayden but nothing is official to the fans so shussh!!!!!!
he is basically perfect
and silly
and aw aw aw aw aw aw aw :) so ocutdsiucb8id
follow the twitters

welcome to the
5sos family!!
:) :) :)

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