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Global Warming in South Tyrol

A project for International Tourism Management

Pasquale Loffreda

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Global Warming in South Tyrol

? GLOBAL WARMING Intermediate POSITIVE GLOBAL WARMING 1. what is it? 2. how it affects tourism? 3. effects on tourism in South Tyrol? what how South Tyrol International
Management project an by Luca Cislaghi
Lisa Kauerauf
Pasquale Loffreda and its effects on tourism in South Tyrol Roald Amundsen Northwest Passage Arctic Sea North Scandinavia Implications for TOURISM MANAGEMENT: • high temperatures can create a pull effect • search for more northerly destinations • Mediterranean regions too hot in summer Førland 2013 North East US Alpine Ski Industry •ski season length •winter holidays activity •snow-making requirements impact factors main by 2040 only half of the 103 ski areas are projected to operate for a 100-day season • • • for ski areas at lower altitude are expected to increase less than those more elevated by 2040 only half of the ski resorts have a 75% chance of operating in winter holydays Dawson 2013 Spain to happen Snow-making for longer periods
Maintenance of mountain paths and buildings
Predict and repair damages Early melting
Less snowfall
Less snow-making
Less activities related to snow
Less summer skiing HIGHER source countries for tourists to Spain have a more attractive climate in the future activities and offers TCI BUT something CAN BE DONE NO! Keep it fresh! SHOULD these changes WE WISH EXPANSION in higher areas ASSOCIATION in consortia TECHNIQUES of snow-making • • • Diversify! NEGATIVE HIKING & naturalistic tourism GASTRONOMIC & cultural itineraries SHOPPING Outdoor Activities and sports Health & Wellness CONFERENCE & museums SHORTER WINTER season RISKS rising COSTS CROWDED and unsafe slopes • AVALANCHES • loss of ATTRACTIVENESS less = less tourists appeal less chance of ensuring WINTER LANDSCAPE change of vegetation SEASONS' development prolongation of SUMMER • more outdoor • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE "SOMMERFRISCHE" MORE DESTINATIONS ON HIGHER ALTITUDES TARGET young people • PLANT modernization • thank you precipitations rise sea level melting GREENHOUSE EFFECT Katrina Sandy Average Norther Hemisphere temperatures were higher in the period from 1950 to 2000 very likely in the last 500 years than during any other 50-year period and likely the hottest of the last 1300 years IPCC 2007 6/10 Watt per m 2 4 00 ,000 Hansen 2012 every day ICE Drying & Warming of Mediterranean precipitations -30% warming +5 °C Giorgi 2006 patterns
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