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Copy of Persuasive Techniques updated

A more updated prezi of the 10 persuasive techniques included in grade 7 FCPS curriculum.

Erin Hughey

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Persuasive Techniques updated


Name Calling
or Innuendo
Definition: creating a negative attitude; hinting or implying; using loaded, emotional or slanted language
Glittering Generalities or Card Stacking
Definition: telling only part of the truth; generalizing from a shred of evidence
Definition: creating a desire to join a large group satisfied with the idea; making one feel left out if not with the crowd
Appeal to prestige, snobbery or plain folks
Definition: using a spokesperson who appeals to the audience; a well-known or appealing person the audience wants to emulate, a person like the audience members with whom they can identify, a person whose lifestyle appeals to the audience
Appeal to emotions
Definition: connecting with the emotions: loyalty, pity or fear, love or family, peace or justice
Definition: using the declaration of a famous person or authoritative expert to give heightened credibility
Let's Practice!
In the following ads, look for:
Form and HOW it is USED
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