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Welcome to the TEAM Room

No description

Dominic LaCarrubba

on 12 September 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to the TEAM Room

TEAM Room members set the example, in and out of our classroom.
This includes walking through the hallways and at Specials.
If (when) you get all good reports from your Specials teachers for the week, you will get a special reward on Fridays!
Good Reports from Specials Teachers
These are just some of the things that are in store for you this school year in...
Welcome to the TEAM Room
, an acronym for
ore, is a simple concept: everyone achieves more through teamwork. We are a classroom built upon achieving our individual goals together. Team Room members are encouraged to get out and experience their education...we don't sit around and hope it finds us!
What is the
TEAM Room?
As a TEAM Room member, nothing is more important than
for your classmates.
for teachers, administrators, and staff.
for the learning process and class materials.
Most importantly,
for yourself.
The Name of the Game is...RESPECT
"Look for Leaders" Challenge
Everyday, at the end of the school day, I will choose 3 names at random.
Each of these 3 students will be asked to nominate one classmate who they had witnessed doing something that sets a positive example throughout the day. (for example: taking responsibility, helping, sharing, etc.)
Of these 3 nominees, I will choose who gets the gold, silver, and bronze medals for the day.
The boy and girl with the most medals awarded at the end of the school year will receive a special reward!
The TEAM Room =
Your Room!
Why is The TEAM Room such a special place? Because of the great kids who call it their class, of course! I have done my share of decorating The TEAM Room, but I need your help to make it truly "ours."

Each student is invited to bring one decoration from home (school appropriate and not too large, please) that represents you, to donate to the classroom for the year.
The TEAM Room
By now, you probably understand the importance of teamwork in the TEAM Room. Staying focused on "we" instead of "me" will allow you to reach heights that you never thought possible! No place is this focus more important than in your
Look around at the people sitting next to you...these are your squadmates. You will be working together all marking period towards many common goals. One of these goals will be the class
Points Challenge
The Points Challenge
Set a goal
Choose a reward
Work towards your goal TOGETHER.
Doing the "right thing" = Gain points!!!
Doing the "wrong thing" = Lose points!!!
I have eyes and ears all over the school...
Be your squad's MVP, not CTM.

Weekly Squad Leaders
You may be asking yourselves:
"Who's in charge of this squad anyway?" The answer may surprise you...
Well, you will be every fifth week.
We will rotate "squad leaders"
every week. That person will be the representative from their squad and will be the leader/decision maker during all small group (or squad) activities! Remember, attitude reflects leadership...Be the leader that your squad deserves!
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