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Will Scott's Profile

No description

William Scott

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Will Scott's Profile

William Scott That's me My work experience: When I am not in school, I work for a mineral exploration company called Matrix Aviation Solutions and Exploration Logistics. I have worked for matrix, on and off now, for about three years. In my position at Matrix, I am responsibnle for the construction of new camps. This entails efficient allocation of time, resources, and materials (as remote sites are subject to weather implications; thus, camp re-supply can be limited). Matrix provides the logistical capabilities for mineral companies. They construct and manage remote exploration camps for geologists and diamond drillers. As well, Matrix can provide aviation logistics and expiditing of fuel, food, and materials. This picture is an example of an exploration camp situated above the Arctic Circle. Here's a picture, at the same camp, that shows the ingenuity of the local labourers. These "igloo" style entrances to the Weather Haven tents, not only look cool, but prevent the snow from blowing over every night. Personal Profile In addition, I also assist in the camp management of already established camps. This means I coordinate daily / weekly flight loads, waste management, and other various construction projects; as well as, maintenance on tools, generators, vehicles, and heating and water systems. Here's an example of a camp relocation project I played a large role in. In addition to work experience, I am a fourth year business student at Mount Royal University. I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, majoring in Marketing. My education has obviously enhanced my overall knowledge base; but, it has also developed my thinking and rationalization skills. The most attractive aspect of education comes in my abilty to learn quickly, as well as the development of effective problem solving skills. Skills and Attributes Creative thinking skills - I have developed many creative thinking skills and learnt many relative principles from this CIW course. These will assist me in any job I do in the future.

Creative Design - My artistic nature can prove to be valuable resource in almost any job. From logo design, to artistic rendurings - Blueprints, I can apply my artistic abilities to any job.

Experience in management - This can include the management of creative talents. It is important to manage creative talents to keep them on track.

Teamwork - I work very well in creative groups. I enjoy group work; I think it can be a valuable tool that combines many creative ideas and skills of multiple individuals. Additional Characteristics Although these may not particularly pertain to a work environment, my hobbies include:
-Anything to do with the outdoors - whether it be hiking, biking, or camping, I love being outside
-Anything to do with motors and horsepower - I love working on, and driving, 4x4's, snowmobiles, bikes, etc.
-Craftmanship - I love working with my hands. I am know as a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to wood working and other fine crafts. Well, that's me in a nutshell
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