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International Marketing Communications

No description

Christina Singh

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of International Marketing Communications

Goals The Young Digital Community - Online Presence is Mandatory

- Divided Attention

- Instantaneous Consumption Rejection of Traditional
Advertising Experience Seekers - Personal Connection

- How things are made

- More emotional than previous generations Campaign objectives Marketing Techniques SWOT Agenda Young target Our ideas Experiential marketing Smartphone application Personality test The Young: Car Buying Trends The young are not buying cars Heavily Informed
Hates Haggling
Seeks Information from family
Use technology for search Young People:
- aren't Brand Loyal
- Do not trust typical advertising
- are difficult to reach Personalization:

* make them unique !
* Unforgettable moments !
* push them to participate !

* Take your message on the road
* Create excitement and connections with the brand Smartphone App Design allows users to simply click what features are important and then it will pop up side by side with competitors.

Additionally users can choose to create lists such as Top 10 Car mileages or all cars that have a certain type of engine Car Scanner allows you to identify cars that you see on the street and learn more about them.

These cars can then be saved on your account, which can also be accessed on the computer, into various lists Success Measures
Number of Downloads
Frequency Usage
Number of Shares on social media
Number of accounts created
Number of clicks on websites Promotion
Announcements on Social Media
On-site advertisement in dealers
Posters with QR codes Knowledge ! Attitudes ! Swot regarding young Be present online: *Sharing experiences * Be part of the conversations Skoda Personality Test A simple personality test that matches your wants to a car Memorable When they buy cars: Experiences are about : *overall sensory branding
*Peer message
*discovery, surprise & delight
* are build to last
* interactions Timeline/ Slogan Agenda Campaign objectives Marketing Techniques Telling stories / bring relevant messages * create memories ! Each character will have their own video back story.

* Creates a personal and memorable connection to their personality/ car and the Skoda brand

Periodic short episodes can be produced to maintain involvement Expansion Ideas * Each episode ends with
a cliffhanger where the
individuals get to vote what
their character will do next

* Online and Mobile role
playing game that allows
individuals to play as their
personality with others Promotions *Online Banner Ads
* Website Announcements
* Social Media Promotions
* Allow your consumers to promote their personality on their own social media outlets Success Measures * Number of people who use the personality quiz
*Number of video viewers
* Frequency of using the games
* Number of shares on social media Skoda Scavenger Hunt 1) Place plain white Skoda symbols throughout various cities

2) Challenge individuals not only to find the Skoda symbols in their area but decorate them with what they believe represents the Skoda brand

3) Take a picture and upload it to the social media page. Also, upload it to the map found on the Skoda website. 4) Finalists will be picked by Skoda and the winner will be selected by votes on the social media page

5) The winner gets a Skoda of their choice Reasons Promotions * Public Relation News Articles
* Online Marketing
* Social Media Promotions
* Outdoors Poster Competitors Perceptual map *Imprint themselves into the brain faster! Driving Test *Cars they can try *Rally outfit *In those situations... *Young performance will be recorded... ...show on the official website and Facebook ! Best one received gifts! Where? *Near the Skoda showroom when it's possible
*In sport events
*In festivals When? * Once or twice per season to try it in all conditions
*during holidays Conclusion The young do not purchase cars,
so instead we are focusing on increasing Skoda's brand awareness and attitudes Timeline Marketing Trends that appeal to the young:

* Personalization

* Experiences

* Digital/Mobile

* Stories Our ideas are centered around this information: Smartphone App
Skoda Personality Test
Skoda Scavenger Hunt
Driving Test Thank You for Your Attention 1) SWOT
2) Skoda Current Marketing Tools
3) Trends Among the Young
4) Competitors
5) Marketing Trends
6) Our Ideas
7) Conclusion Our
Approach Young Skoda
Perrine Corné, Bora Kang, Christina Singh, Vangel Vasilov Timeline Success Measures * Number of Views of Promotional Materials
* Number of Contests/Participants
* Buzz on Internet
* Number of Shares/Likes Promotions

* Online Advertisements
* Social Media Promotion
* Billboards in location of event
* Outdoor Posters at popular locations Success Measures:

* Number of Participants
* Number of New Registers for Next Season
* Number of Shares/Likes
* Online and Social Media Buzz Current Marketing Competitors Kia
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