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star by jawaher

No description

guildford public

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of star by jawaher

What are star
A star is a size of a sun and it so million years to mature form beginning of the collapse.

though the most familiar star and our own sun and alone about three of every four star.

what is star
Next star tend to formed in groups due to stars and star take 10,000 year to get it together.

Star in the heavens may also appear to be different color because the temperatures are not all the same.
Star are formed by clouds of dust and gas form space but because unstable and start to collapse.

star are just like people they grow they lives and they are born just like people and when they are old they die just like people.
steps of a stars
When you see a stars is blue that mean it is die and when it white that mean it born

New star originate when a cold cloud of dust and gas in space and each star has three zones.
Star at night
The star you see at night are just like the sun a bear you see it the sky are made up of 7 star.

You can see stars every day and every night.
by jawaher.yassine
5/6 lyrebird
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