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Young heroes of history

No description

Gabor Galgoczy

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Young heroes of history

Young heroes of the Revolution of 1956
His role in the revolution
no trust in the government anymore

was replaced with Pongrátz Gergely

was called traitor and put him under arrest.

managed to escape, then he had to hide.

got arrested and judged for death by rope.

execution on 30 December 1957
His memory plate in Budapest
Péter Mansfeld
László Iván Kovács
a student in the Military School of Sopron until 1944

escape from the Russians to the West

returned and graduated

1951-1953: employed in the army, then he was fired
His role in the revolution
participated in the demonstrations in front of the radio station

fought on Üllöi Street against the Russian tanks

joined the rebels on Corvin Square

became their leader.
first prison for life

later changed to capital punishment

execution two days later ...
... after eleven days of his birthday.

was eighteen years old when he died.
Péter Mansfeld
"In my opinion, I went into battle for a democratic system based on a national basis. In order to respect national traditions, equal rights, equal responsibilities, (...) and the obstacles of democratization must replace from the government "
was born in Budapest.

joined to the rebels of Széna Square.

broke into László Piros's (ex Home Secretary) home and stole guns.

was arrested in 1957 for several crimes.
Gergely Pongrátz

took part in fights against Russian tanks on the Petőfi bridge.

then joined to the rebels in Corvin Square.

became the leader of the rebels after László Iván Kovács

was able to protect Corvin Square until 9 November.

left the country after the fail of the revolution.

lived in Spain and the United States.

returned in 1990

died in May 2005.
Gergely Pongrátz
Lots of people died in the Revolution. Most of them didn't even reach the age of 30. Although the revolution failed, we mustn't forget its importance, and the brave men and women who gave their life for a hope of a better future.

László Iván Kovács
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