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Padres y Jovenes Unidos

School and Society Final Project

lizzy truskin

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Padres y Jovenes Unidos

"a multi-issue organization that is led by people of color who fight for equality and justice in the Latino community" The Defeat of Amendment 31 in 2002 "Padres Unidos challenges the foot cause of discrimination, racism and inequality. by exposing the economic, social and institutional basis for injustice as well as developing effective strategies and tactics to make change." Stop Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track L. Shepard
Negative Policies for dealing with diversity: When does assessment and diagnosis turn into sorting and segregation? Senate Bill 170 Tweaking the System "Students were leaving serval regions that had high percentages of minorities" - Howe, K., Eisenhart, M., &Betebenner, D. (2001). School choice crucible: A case study of Boulder Valley." giving voice to people who are typically denied basic rights considering the community de-tracking Burris, C. Welner, K. (2005) "Closing the Achievement Gap by Detracking" Critique The program may be more effective if it focused on the good of all DPS students rather than specifically the Latino community Reduce the number of police citations and at school suspensions for low income and students to color "This new approach treats misbehavior as a chance to learn, rather as a chance to punish" "Students refered to police dropped from 1,399 in 2003-2004 to 504 in 2006-2007, which represents a remarkable decrease of 64%" Colorado has been the only state to defeat the amendment Limited second language learning instruction to one year instead of the two year program funded by the state Studies have shown that it takes at least 4 to 7 years to become proficient in a language " "This means that children who have developed the language and social interaction patterns appropriate in one context will look ignorant and deficient to teachers who are unaware of the arbitrary language and learning conventions they impose on the basis of their own cultural norms" higher expectations for all students leads to improved educational experience. "Achievement follows from opportunities" “We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community... Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.” - César Chávez more policy analysis we think its rad because... it is led by people of color promotion of ESL programs within public education equal rights for everybody The speed by which a student learns cannot be mandated by law. The
proposal creates an unrealistic expectation that English can be learned by
all children in one year.
(Source: Colorado Legislative Council Blue Book) But why was 31 so Evil? "Under current Colorado Law undocumented students are not elligible for in state tuition rates at publicly funded Colorado colleges and universities, although many of these students have lived and worked in Colorado for most of their lives" (a) they attend a Colorado high school for at least three years, (b) graduate from a Colorado high school or earn a general education diploma here (c) enroll in a Colorado institute of higher education within five years of either graduating or earning a GED and (d) sign an affidavit in which they agree to seek lawful residence in the United States. Ballot Measures (look at the Blue Book-For and against arguments that the government sends out) Explain why they need to support the issues, they ask for people to blindly follow them (almost) They cover too much, so the resorces are spread too thin, and they delegate the research to people outside Padres and that isn't a research base "Children at school often socialize within their own cultural group; the older they are the more evident this is. It is especially difficult for newcomers to integrate socially when they don't speak English, dont't know the schoolyard games, don't know the rituals and symbols of the peer culture, and may even prefer not to be noticed at all for the first few months"
-Ceolho "Another source of difficulty is the miscommunication that occurs when cultural miscues in language and non-verbal behaviour communicate messages that were not intended"
-Coelho FAMILY LEARNING CENTER "Instead of being asked, ‘Are you going to college? We should be asked, ‘Which college are you going to?"

Eddie, Jovenes Unidos
making others aware of their situation
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