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Kerry Dyke

on 22 February 2012

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Transcript of 7-11

Chapter 1: The Problem 500, 000, 000, 000
plastic bags per year do consumers care? Shoppers actually making ... A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE to help the planet Chapter 2: A Solution Chapter 3: V-Day Customer - You win because you have an excuse to shop Villa says "No to plastic bags" Can we get a mob of 500 people to shop on V-Day? This is "the stick" Around the world countries and cities
are stepping up to reduce plactic bags Here's a simple concept The exact # was
1397 shoppers The Nation... One of the most successful businesses in Thailand "Shopping at a 7-11 is easy. You don't even have to know how to speak Thai. Everything is clearly marked with prices, the cash registers clearly give you the total price on a digital screen and every store is comfortably air conditioned for your shopping pleasure. Once you have been into one store you know what to expect of the rest because they all have just about the same items." Why do I want to speak with 7-11? I believe 7-11 is one of the most influencial companies in Thailand.

7-11 is unfortunately one of the biggest users of plastic bags in Thailand.

If 7-11 takes a lead in reducing plastic bags, others will follow. Numerous stores all around Thailand But what in this for 7-11? Several opportunities...
Improve CSR

Clean up your image (many of the bags polluting Thailand have the 7-11 logo on them)

Think about in 5 years when everyone is doing this, they will talk about how 7-11 led the movement.

Help educate the Thai public about a global concern

Media attention

and finally...
Make MONEY... YES, you can make money from this. Should Thailand be on this list? Can Banning Bags Work In Thailand? MTV
VJ Alex Carrotmob works with business
Brings customers to companies helping them make a positive change
No boycotts, protests, or negative campaigns.
We get crowds to help by shopping!
It's WIN-WIN for everyone
Business, Environmenalist, and Customer is happy What can 7-11 do to be a part of the solution? Step up and LEAD! Step 1 Train Staff & Customers:
Staff should not automatically give bags
Staff should ask customer first
Put up signs and play video in store to educate customers Step 2 Change Bags:
Stop use of small bags
2 sizes only (medium and large - can also be reused for garbage bags)
All bags should be biodegradable (made from corn, cassava, or tapioca – made in Thailand) Step 3 Reward customers:
Give customers points, discounts, stickers, etc if they don't take a bag. (2 points)
Give more points if customers bring own bag (5 points) Step 4 Charge money for bags:
Remember Ireland < 90%
3 baht for large bag
1 baht for medium
To help customers understand, money can go to support eco projects or charity Step 5 Design and sell a 7-11 reusable eco bag:
Unique & cute designs

Thai's will love them and make it trendy (now you have advertising for 7-11 in the streets)

Earn enough points to get an eco bag for free Step 6 Media Attention:
TRUE - TV commercials
Use celebrities (I know some who would be interested now)
Contest to design the new logo (get public involved in a positive way) Goal and rewards

1. Give education to Thai citizens so that they will lower the use of plastic bags.

2. Thailand has lowered amount of waste and help reduce the global warming.

3. Customers is included in the solution.

4. 7-11 possibly lowers cost of bio bags due to high demand; thus other businesses can then afford the bags as well.

5. 7-11 is seen as a leader in marketing and social / environmental responsibility.

6. In time it is likely this will be a law in Thailand, but 7-11 will be seen as ahead of the game and remembered for leading the way. Can this work at 7-11?
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