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NETS-S Presentation Assignment

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Jeffery Heil

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of NETS-S Presentation Assignment

ISTE Student Profiles (For tech literacy!) Go to the Profiles for Technology Literate Students (can be found on the ISTE website)

Choose a grade range that you may want to teach and select 4 (out of 10) of the performance indicators to discuss.

Each performance indicator will get its own group/frame

Give each frame set or group a title with the NETS-S Performance Indicator - Ex. 4. Student will. . .

Include a relevant graphic image to your slide or frame Include a Title with
the grade range and topic
and your name At least 4 frame sets/groups (one per NETS Student Profile) that you are addressing Create a path from start to finish Make your Presentation Visually pleasing One graphic/image per NETS idea - and/or include a relevant video to support your lesson Include text address to ISTE/NETS-S along with a graphic from ISTE You will share your presentation
with at least 3 peers. . .then. . . NETS-S Presentation
Assignment Using Prezi, Create a presentation that demonstrates knowledge of the 2007 ISTE NETS-S and the performance indicators (for Technologically Literate students) for a specific grade range. Assignment Instructions Why not PowerPoint? ISTE NETS for Students The Content of the Presentation So, what do I include again? For each of the 4 areas from the NETS-S Profile, give a lesson or project idea which discusses how you might be able to meet the objective in your class
(the 4 ideas do NOT need to be thematic, but they could be. . . Once you complete the presentation,
you will create an assessment using Google Forms (which will be covered in a later class) What happens when I finish? What happens after I create the assessment? your peers will take the assessment
you created in Google Forms to assess
your presentation. . . But I don't know how to use Prezi? Ah, this is the part where
you put your newly acquired mad
tech skills to work. . . Prezi has its own built-in
tutorials. . .and you can
also search the web for
tutorials if you get stuck. . . just one more thing. . . Make Something Awesome!
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