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adLuv Startup Pitch

No description

Hammad Ahmed

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of adLuv Startup Pitch

Malik Wahaj Ahmed
Hammad Ahmed
Founder & CEO
Visibility of an app among millions of apps on the app store.
Monetizing an app through advertisement.
Skin Ads
What are Skin Ads?

Preview of an App
A minor session for user to interact with
Do you want to play candy crush now?
Ease for the user
User is navigating through the app on his/her smart phone.
Ease for the user
Full screen Ad appears on the screen and user selects
Ease for the user
Interactive add appears and the user navigates through a small session.
Key Partners
Key Activities
Value Proposition
Customer Relationships
Customer Segments
Key Resources
Cost Structure
Revenue Streams
Business Model
- Online Marketing
- Website
- Public Relationship
- Seminars
- Advertisers (Large Game Studios)
- Publishers (Independent Developers)
- Skin Advertisement
- Ad Platform
- Gaming Studios
- Advertising Agencies
- Cloud based infrastructure for real time ad rendering
- Ad integration API
- Monitoring and Analytic
- Server Leasing
- Salaries of Resources
- Internet
- Work Space
- Utility Bills
- Marketing
- Cost per Install
- Cost per Time Session
- Ad servers
- Developers
- Trusted Companies Network
Thank You
Software Engineer
(2 Years Exp)
Business Analyst
(2 Years Exp)
Server Side Developer
Internet Marketeer
Market Size
SWOT Analysis
Product Implementation Model
Cost Analysis
Revenue Model
One Year Plan
3 Months (MVP Model)
3 Months (Pre - Launch)
3 Months (Initial Phase)
Market Analysis
Customers Validation
48% of Global Revenue
Asia Pacific
The BIGGEST market for mobile games
Next Year
Gamers in China > People in the USA
78% of all 1.2bn gamers
Play Mobile Games
The global mobile games market will grow
annually to double in 2016 and reach
$23.9 billion
The tablet games market will show
growth until 2016, reaching
$10 billion
- 1M Apps On Each App Store
- 60 Billion App Downloads
- Freemium Model On Rise
- Average App Prices
Android: 0.06$
iPhone: 0.19$
iPad: 0.50$
(Source:Flurry Analytics)
Market Analysis
Indie Game Developers
Gaming Studios
Game Advertisers
Game Publishers
Game Publishers Perspective:
Currently available business models:
Pay Per Install,
Bait n Hook/ In App Purchases
Advertising Model
Freemium Model

Game Advertisers Perspective:
Marketing Cost
Gamer's Reach
Market Size
Highly Competitive Market
1. URX
2. Quixey
3. DeepLink.Me
4. Hubbl
5. Kiip
- Disrupting The Ad Units
- App Marketplace Saturation
- Creating The Network Of Developers & Familiarizing them With The Concept
- Team Building In Process
- Threat Of Entry Low
- Developers Always Experimenting With New Ad Networks
- Patent Issues
- Legal Issues (Ad Guidelines - According To Marketplace)
Intellectual Property Laws
Development Milestones
- Skin Ads Generation Framework (Advertiser)
Support System (Documentation,HOWTO Videos)
Custom Skin Ads Library
- Ad Server Deployement
Ad Inventory Management System
Ad Filtering System
Ad Distribution System
Ad Monitoring & Analytic Component
Real Time Bidding For Game Advertisers (Relevant Ads)
- MobileSDK - iOS (Publisher)
- Live Skin Ads -- For Variety Of Games
- Website
One Time Cost (4K USD)
Development Machines
Website Domain/Hosting Cost
Graphics Design (Logo, Website)
Marketing Cost (Adwords / Social Media Campaigns )

Monthly Cost (~1.4K USD)
Office Rent
Utility Bills (Electricity, Internet)
Server Rent Cost
Development Cost
- Cost Per Time Session
- 80-20 Breakup
6 Months - Break Even Period
- Test Skin Ads Framework -- iOS
- Ad Server -- Beta
- TestSDK -- iOS
- TestAds -- One Screen Games
- Beta Launch
- Industry Feedback & Surveys
- Venture Capital & Angel Investment
- Learning n Support
- Online Marketing
- Event Organization
- Networking
- Partners Hunting
- Legal
- Company Registeration
- Alpha Launch
- Marketing Stunt
- For Advertisers
Discounted Ad Unit Rates
Ad Analytics Sharing
- For Publishers
100% Revenue
Free Skin Ad Advertisement
- Sales
- Customer Feedback
- Customer Management & Support
- 50 Gaming Studios -- Advertisers Target
- 500 Indie Developers -- Publishers Target
- Trusted Partners Network
- Pricing
- Revenue Streams
- Recruitment
- Maintenance
- Break Even
- Patents
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