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PaperlessCheetah Education

No description

James Phillips

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of PaperlessCheetah Education

Info Submission
Contract & Service Agreement
digitally sign the terms of agreement
Instant Estimate
.pdf data is stored within as AES-256 encrypted cipher text; data is decrypted in-browser only when the record is downloaded
Text data stored in database is also encrypted at rest; full text is partially decrypted only when its encrypted index is queried, and then only the search string and up to 50 contextual characters (which surround the keyword in the full text) are decrypted
SSL encryption is used to secure the user's connection to the application
Each data transfer request (.pdf download) from the application is verified against a hash generated by a key unique to the currently logged-in user; credential spoofing from expired sessions or injection attacks will fail due to an incorrect or missing time-specific and user-specific hash
User access control is managed by user-admins per doctype (aside from per-record control, this is the most granular level of control that can be practically achieved since attribute-level control would fail to prevent a user from accessing the whole record through only one attribute)
All user access and activity is logged and admin-viewable
Indexes are segregated per doctype
Records cannot be deleted by users or admins (only the site admin may delete)
Records cannot be altered, though text can be appended by users in each record's log
.pdf data is geographically distributed and redundantly stored
AES-256 encrypted backups of all scanned data are kept securely by PaperlessCheetah in case of disastrous loss of hosted data
The Cheetah Process

site engagement
document handling
digital delivery
follow-up service

The yearly accumulation
of paper increases:

document retrieval time

FERPA non-compliance risk

administrative cost

Do Nothing
full control of process,
utilization of internal resources
cost to organize methods,
train people, and purchase
fast job completion, proven process, no hires or tech purchases
cash outlay requirement,
due diligence to select
service provider
employees keep familiar systems, avoid new budget items
continue on in paper storage business, slowly drain resources
Options for Getting Out of the
Paper Management Business
clients are consulted regarding:


for 100+ records
each record is roughly equivalent
common attributes
no limit to #, but typically 3 - 7 key data points
help to index important data
Misc. Documents
if a document or record does not fit a doctype, it is treated as a miscellaneous document; these are still searchable, but not
indexed by attribute
document analysis
1 to 10 on-site technicians
screened and trained by site lead
directly managed for entirety of project
abide by site rules & guidelines (protocol, dress, demeanor)
all equipment provided

high-speed scanners (30 ppm)
high-security laptop computers (no Internet access, disks wiped and re-imaged after every job)

industry-leading OCR with 99.99+% recognition rate of clearly printed documents
custom software to track document inventory
proprietary data capture scripting w/ automated comparison of keyed text vs. OCR text

Records are pulled and organized by Doctype
Care is taken to preserve file structure
All staples and bindings are carefully removed
Attributes (key data points) are manually recorded
The first page of each record is labeled with a QR code containing Attribute & identity data
Documents are scanned at 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) resolution
Double-fed sheets are detected ultrasonically
Front and back of sheets are captured in a single pass
Depending on Doctype requirements, images may be captured in high resolution and/or color
QR code is recognized and document images are associated with the previously captured Attribute data
Attribute data is automatically compared to OCR text to ensure accurate documentation of key data
A full text version of the record is created and combined with the image in a .pdf document
The number of QR codes generated is compared to the number of QR codes scanned to ensure that all records with a label have been captured
If they are being retained, documents are re-stapled and replaced to their original locations
Optionally, documents are destroyed on-site through a mobile shredding service within PaperlessCheetah's partner network
Documents are shredded at Government top-secret security level (1mm x 5mm strips)
A certificate of destruction is provided
We'll take care of everything from here
Your records are encrypted and uploaded to the DocCheetah document database which is securely accessible anytime, anywhere at

Although the interface is easy to use, we provide live or web-based training as well as a knowledge base. Phone support is also available during regular business hours.

Depending on how quickly you accumulate new paper or update your records, we'll schedule periodic visits to update your digital records, or you can arrange to ship your documents to our secure facility for scanning and destruction.

To help you fight the cycle of paper accumulation, we can work with you to convert frequently used paper forms to digital versions that are hosted and filled out securely on doccheetah.com
the all-inclusive turn-key approach for organizations to go paperless
In most school districts, paper is everywhere:
administrative space

central office

off-site storage


Disaster Recovery
Legal Requirements
Space Reclaiming
we can help you get there fast
rapid scan, destroy, and upload
quick document retrieval
short time to payback
source: Reed Construction Data
National Average Cost of
New High School Construction
Per Sq. Ft. in 2013:
(not free)
Military-Grade Encryption
SSL Protection
Access Logs
Redundant Backup
2008 - Aplington Parkersburg school destroyed by EF5 tornado
2011 - Mapleton school had roof ripped of by EF3 tornado
2012 - Creston High School damaged by EF2 tornado
5-year DE site visits
Parent / student record requests
Requests by agents / school officials
Document gathering for lawsuits
Quick access to documentation employment / financial records
Staff certification repository
Take back classroom space
Get paper out of storage
Utilize space for education, not paper
Next Steps
Schedule follow-up meeting
Understand unique needs
DocCheetah demo
Custom quote
James Phillips, Product Manager
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