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ITE College West

uniqueness of our ITE campus from the 1970s to the present year 2013.

chan boon hau

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of ITE College West

ITE the place where
One & Only ITE COllege West
Where The Story Begins... ...
ITE is a place that help students like myself to build-up, Hands-On, Minds-On & Hearts-On education philosophy.
Success Story Of A ITE Graduate
My ITE Experience
In The 1990s
The birth of ITE (Institute Of Technical Education).

ITE's mission will be ' to maximize the potential of Singaporean through excellence in technical education and training in order to develop the quality of our work force and enhance Singapore's global competitiveness'.

After years of progression ITE have transformed from 5 individual campus to 1 mega campus show below.

In The 1970s
During 1970s ITE (Institute Of Technical Education) is know as ITB (Institute Training Board) or VITB (Vocational Institute of Training Board),during that time there are only 10 campuses and this campuses was created to centralize and coordinate industrial training.
Bukit Merah Vocational Institute
"I always heard them discussing which JCs (Junior Colleges)they want to go to. it make me think about climbing the academic ladder of excellence too."

MR Ang Jin Hui (Left) on his secondary schoolmates, influence over his aspiration
ITE College West Clementi Campus
Now let me share with you my personal experience with this short clip.
That what make my school so unique!!!
My one and only ITE College West
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