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PBS roadshow_MI

August 3rd, 2011

Geri Cole

on 29 August 2012

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Transcript of PBS roadshow_MI

What's New In 42? S.T.E.M. Curriculum in half of all new shows

Murray S.T.E.M. experiments shot on location as interstitials

New Abby’s Flying Fairy School episodes

New Super Grover 2.0 episodes R Q=Which one of these is a ramp? (children were given 4 options) Q=What can you use a ramp for?
Pre-test: “A ramp… umm… IDK.”
Post-test: “ The ramp can help you get down the stairs.” (3F)
Pre-test: “Whisking things.”
Post-test: “Going down stuff… if you're a cow.” (4F) Note: Percentages are of children who got either partial or full credit for responding with the answer Thanks! This presentation brought to you by the letters P, B and S, and the number 42. Source: Analysis of Nielsen minute by minute data for Season 41 to date (9/27/10-7/8/11) a m p What's New? How are we doing? Scram! Hola! Season Mel Ming new CEO
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