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No description

Bridget Steele

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Venus

Double click anywhere & add an idea ,jkg the galileo space misson was designed to release a probe onto jovian surfice and later disintergrated. voyager 1 gave conclusive evidence that jupiter had a ring surronding it voyager the eeiuhewf fwqrf jhg .,liy voyager 1 gave coclusive evidence that jupiter had a ring and further more set the record and pasted pioneer 10 cecomeing the most distant man made object as if 2/17/98
12/7/95 9/21/03 voyager1 became the farthest man made object and also gave proof that that jupiter had a ring v voyager 1 became the farthest man made object and also proved that saturn had a ring encontered jupiter 3/5/79 provided evidence of jupiters ring passed near saturn 11/12/80 ; passed pioneer 10to become the farthest man made object encountered jupiter 27/9/79; saturn 8/25/81; uranus1/24/86; neptune; 8/25/89 passed jupiter 12/4/73 exited the planetarysystem6/13/83 transmission ened 3/31/97 at6.39 billion mi. passed jupiter12/3/74; saturn 9/1/79 discovered in additional ring and two moons around saturn operating in in outer solar system transmission ended 9/95
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