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On the Road

No description

Laura Briggs

on 15 August 2016

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Transcript of On the Road

can do that!

Engage your parents! Inform them of upcoming school events. Send your parents phone notifications of the upcoming event as well!
On the Road

The Most Effective
Parent Communication App!

Have some
pictures to share
with your students' families?
lets you do that!

Creating albums or uploading pictures gives parents an inside peek into their child's classroom experience. What a great tool for at-home conversation starters! Bloomz also gives teachers the option to invite parents to upload pictures from field trips or class activities to a Bloomz album.
Your parents speak
different languages

When parents sign up with Bloomz they can select their preferred language.

Bloomz translates into over 80 different languages!
Need to
upload documents
share links
with your parents?
can handle that!

With the click of a button you can
upload documents for your parents.

Linking to external videos or
documents that are stored in the
cloud is also possible with Bloomz!
can take care of that for you!

Instant message parents without
searching for emails or phone numbers!
With Bloomz instant messaging, you
can message the entire group, a small
number of parents, or one parent. There is no character length limit and parents can respond!
Wish you could
instant message
parents while also keeping your personal
cell phone number private
Need to get word out to parents about a
scheduled event
makes it easy!

Want field trip chaperones or a few parents to help with a classroom activity? Realize your students need a few more glue sticks or pencils? Coordinate volunteer sign ups and item requests easily with Bloomz!
Need to
request volunteers
request donations
makes it effortless!

In less than two minutes, you
can schedule parent-teacher
Need to
parent-teacher conferences
has student timelines!

Students and teachers can now
upload artifacts to Bloomz and tag
students, creating a student timeline!

This feature launch is scheduled
for August 2016.
Want to try
student portfolios
but worried about the time it might take?
has behavior management!

Teachers can reinforce positive student
behavior with blooming flowers. It
provides parents with a pictorial
representation of their child's behavior
throughout the school year.
This feature launch is scheduled
for August 2016.
Desire to
manage student behavior
and share it out with parents?
has {in-app} video support!

Teachers can now record videos
from directly from Bloomz and share
them with parents!

This feature launch is scheduled
for September 2016.
Want to
video record
classroom moments from within the app?
Get the Bloomz App now at
Thank you to Jessica Meacham
for her help in creating this Prezi.
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