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Bog Child

No description

Michelle Weir

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Bog Child

Fergus and Uncle Tally are digging up turf.

Fergus spots the bracelet, discovers it is attached to a body.

"The legs were missing. The side of a twisted torso covered in brown stained cloth was visible above the hand" (Dowd 9).
: Main character, 18 year old boy who found the bog child

Uncle Tally
: Fergus' uncle, helps Fergus drive

: Fergus' brother, in prison

: Archeologist studying "Mel"

: Felicity's daughter, develops feelings for Fergus
People will make sacrifices for their family.

"I am doing this for you, Joe" (Dowd 122).
Culture of Ireland
Work Cited
Culture of Ireland
By Siobhan Dowd
Presented by Michelle Weir
Uncle Tally goes to get the police.

Pathologist comes to determine time of death.

Pathologist says the person is likely two thousand years old.

Border fights start over the archeological find.
Michael asks him if he will transport packets for "freedom".

Fergus and Uncle Tally go back to the bog and meet Felicity, the archaeologist, and her daughter Cora.

Fergus names the bog child Mel.

Once home, Fergus learns that Joe has joined the hunger strikes.
While transporting Mel, a noose is spotted around her neck.

Fergus agrees to do the "couriering" for Rafters if he can get Joe off the hunger strikes.

The next run, Fergus talks more with Owain at the post.

When Felicity examines Mel, she finds a stab wound in her back.

Fergus goes home to tell his family of the child.

His mother mentions Joe, who is in prison for 10 years.

Hunger strikes in prison over clothing.

"It's what the clothes mean. If you don't wear prison garb, you're a political prisoner" (Dowd 29).
Fergus needs 3 B's to get a medical internship in Aberdeen.

He runs in the morning, and meets a soldier named Owain, who unknowingly befriends him.

The next day, Fergus takes his sisters swimming.

There, Michael Rafters makes a "couriering" proposition.
Fergus and Cora start "dating".

When Fergus tells Rafters he wont do the packets anymore, Rafters threatens to kill Owain.

Joe is starving himself in prison and won't back down.

Cora tells Fergus that Mel has wisdom teeth, making her a dwarf woman, not a child.

A car bomb kills several people; Fergus thinks
it's Rafter's group
On Fergus' last run, he takes the packet to Owain to open them.

Find condoms and birth control.

Joe is in a coma in the prison; they decide to put him on a drip-feed.

Owain is killed by a bomb; Fergus discovers it was Uncle Tally making them to kill the soldiers.

The day Fergus get's all B's on the exams, he finds out Uncle Tally was shot.
People will stand by what they believe in.

You can always make unlikely friends.
Irish and English are the official languages.

Capital is Dublin.

Roman Catholic and Protestant are the most widely practiced religions.
The economy puts pressure on men and women to marry, but they rarely arrange them.

Nicknamed Emerald Island "because of its expansive, lush, green fields" ("Ireland")

The Irish diet focuses a lot on meat, bread and potatoes as well as turnips and cabbage.
Ireland's Flag;
Orange stands for the Protestants.
Green stands for the Roman Catholics.
White is symbolic for the peace they
hope to maintain.
Dowd, Siobhan.
Bog Child
. New York: David Fickling Books, 2008. Print.
Wilson, Thomas. "Culture of Ireland"
. Countries and Their Cultures, 1998. Web. 13 Dec. 2013
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