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Altered Books!

No description

michelle kersting

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of Altered Books!

Deconstructed Books Requirements Techniques Examples Sculpture must have an obvious theme or tell a story Must use at least ... pages Open your book to the center. Build your sculpture from there. Some things to try Fold it! Cut it! Roll it! Punch it! Rip it! Glue it! Use only your book, glue, and paint (watercolor or acrylic) to create your sculpture. Brian Dettmer "Book Autopsies" EXAMPLES! Su Blackwell Georgia Russell Sarah Bodeman Paper art is rad because:
-you can make ANYTHING you want to
-There are UNLIMITED ways to create
-All you need are simple materials: paper, scissors, glue Here are some AWESOME paper artists
making truly unique and exciting things! DID YOU KNOW that you can make sculptures using ONLY paper???
It's true!!! HOW FAR CAN YOU
MAKE PAPER GO??? For the next project, you will be creating an ALTERED BOOK I will give you an old, hardcover book.
This will be your canvas, your starting point. From the old book, you will create something completely New! Unique! Exciting! You will make a sculpture that is all your own, something that no one else has seen, thought of, or created before! Random Artists Kaspen Getting started with your sculpture 1. Decide what you want
your sculpture to
COMMUNICATE Story sculpture abstract theme or idea Use the imagery/words already in the book to create a composition 2. Start to think about how you will visually communicate you idea- SKETCH! How will you communicate your idea? What materials will you need? What techniques will you use to create your sculpture? cut glue fold curl bend crimp Be sure to choose something interesting that you are EXCITED about! If you have a good, creative idea, this project will be a lot mor fun for you and turn out looking much better!
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