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Hard Work and Determination

No description

Tiana Cahee

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Hard Work and Determination

Devon and I worked hard in the library for the next three weeks.
Very hard.

Song Title and Lyrics
Try By Pink
Song lyrics- Where there is desire there is gonna be a flame, where there is a flame someone's bound to get burned. You gotta get up and try and try.
Strategy, Tee-Ay. Stay calm. Stick to your strategy. Focus.
Senior Responsibilities
"The pressure of being a senior is killing me. Every day, every moment, every everything just felt like this overwhelming responsibility, which is just
much. "
'I imagine you're thinking of community college?' Why did everything out that man's mouth sound like a put-down? I mean, talk about a hater--all this dude ever did was make me feel bad.
Hard Work and Determination
In this part of the chapter Tee-Ay is dealing with all the pressure of being a senior.
Tee-Ay and Devon have been studying really hard for the SAT everyday. They stay in the library until closing time.
Mr. Wardin was always criticizing Tee-Ay in a constructive way. In her eyes he was "hating" but he was really just pushing her to do better.
Tee-Ay and Devon are about to go to their test sites to take the biggest test of their lives.
This song fits this chapter because even after Tee-Ay's scores weren't good enough the first time she took the test she decided to study hard and try again. And after Mr. Wardin showed that he thought she was only good for community college, Tee-Ay still stayed determined to go to USC. Just like in the song after all the hate Tee-Ay got up and tried.
Chapter 21
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