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Biology In Real Life

No description

Christine Nguyen

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Biology In Real Life

Biology in Real Life
By Christine Nguyen
Example #1
In an episode of Animal Planet's
Too Cute
, a
white great dane with black spots gave birth to
three puppies with either a black and white coat or a grey, black, and white coat.
This relates to codominance because the color
of both the mother and the puppies' fur was not
determined by just one dominant allele. Instead, there were up to three dominant alleles that each appeared in the phenotype. Therefore, the alleles were codominant.
Example #2
Cell Regulation
The Fault in Stars
by John Green, the two main characters, Hazel and Gus, both have terminal cancers of which there is no cure. Hazel has a rare lung cancer while Gus has cancer in his legs.

This relates to cell regulation because for some reason, the cells in Hazel and Gus' bodies were unable to regulate their own growth, resulting in the tumors that were diagnosed as cancer.
Example #3
Domesticating the Silver Fox, an article written by Scottie V. Westfall, it talks about an experiment set in the Soviet Union in which geneticist Dmitri Belyaev attempted to domesticate wild foxes.
Selective Breeding
This relates to selective breeding because Belyaev only allowed foxes with desirably friendly and mild attitudes to mate, and over time successfully created a generation of domesticated foxes with remarkably different traits than wild ones.
Example #4
Genetic Engineering
A commercial for the High Country Kombucha Probiotic Tea Company states that their products are 100% non-GMO.
This relates to genetic engineering because GMO stands for genetically modified organism. This means that if the tea is non-GMO, then the complany is claiming that none of the components of their products have been modified for an advantage like many other products and there has been no transfer of genetic material.
Genetic Mutations
Example #5
In the article
Why Do Some Cats Have Two Different Colored Eyes
by James Lautner, it talks about the factors that cause cats to have one brown eye and one blue eye and how many of the cats possessing this trait are also white and deaf.
This relates to genetic mutation because the thing that causes different colored eyes is a mutation of the cats' eyes which causes one to have less melanin, or pigment, than the other eye. This gene that is mutated is also directly linked to the genes that control fur color and hearing, which is what causes the white color and deafness.
Example #6
In the movie Eight Below, which is about a team of scientists and sled dogs in Antarctica, the main characters began to shiver uncontrollably when they got stuck in a blizzard.
This is an example of homeostasis because the shivering was the scientists bodies' attempt at creating friction to keep warm and maintain a stable internal environment, which is the definition of homeostasis.
Example #7
Multiple Alleles
In one episode of
the Vampire Diaries
, Caroline, a main character and a vampire, talks about different blood types having different flavors.
This relates because blood type is an example of multiple alleles. There are three or more alleles that code for this trait. Therefore it is a multiple allele trait.
Example #8
Genetic Engineering
In the article
Glowing Bunny Born in Turkey
, writer Tim Wall talks about the birth of rabbits in Instanbul that had been injected with the genes of jellyfish into their DNA. The jellyfish gene coded for a protein that emits light when exposed to ultraviolet light, causing the bunnies to glow when in the presence of the light.

This relates to genetic engineering because the insertion of jellyfish gene into rabbit DNA constitutes a transfer of genetic transfer, which is the definition of genetic engineering.
Example #9
In the BBC News article
Fresh Effort to Clone Extinct Animal
, it talks about how scientists in Spain have received funding to attempt to bring back the extinct Pyrenean Ibex from cells that have been frozen in liquid nitrogen.
This relates to cloning because the scientists are injecting the cells of an animal into an egg cell that will eventually become an organism that is genetically identical to the animal that the original cell was from.
Example #10
In the video
Growing Beans HD Timelapse
on Youtube, it shows a timelapsed video of nine beans growing into fully matured bean plants in a pot of damp soil in the presence of sunlight.

This is an example of photosynthesis because the bean plants, with the help of water, are using energy from the sunlight to create glucose to help them grow. Without the sunlight, they would not have been able to go through the necessary processes and they would have stayed as beans.
Example #11
In the video
Leopard Gecko Time Lapse Tail Regeneration
on Youtube, a lizard with a missing tail is shown growing the tail back over the course of 60 days.

This relates to mitosis because the cells of the lizard's tail are going through processes of duplication. These processes cause the missing tail to slowly be regenerated from a stump to full length.
Example #12
In the video "Fooled by Nature: A Chameleon's Color" on HowStuffWorks, different chameleons are depicted changing their skin colors according to their situations and locations. Some changed to blend into their background and others changed to vibrant, noticeable colors.

This relates to adaptation because over time, chameleons developed the ability change their colors to better their chance of survival. They used this trait to stalk prey, attract mates, and intimidate predators and rivals. All of these things are advantages that help the species continue to survive and repopulate.
Example #13

Bee Movie
a bee tries to save
the world and
feed his hive by

and making honey.

This is an exa
mple of mutualism
because the flower
is providing the
bee with pollen
and the bee is
pollinating the fl
ower by bringing the
male parts to the
female parts,
allowing the plant
to reproduce
asexually. Both
organisms are
Example #14
In the video "Shark Suckers", a man talks about remoras, which are fish that attatch to sharks and feed off of parasites on the sharks' skin.
This relates to commensalism beca
use the

remoras benefit by getting food and pr
but the sharks are not harmed at all by their presence.
Example #15
In a K9 Advantix commerical, a puppy sings about how there arn"t any bugs on it to advertise a flea and tick control treatment.
This relates to parasitism because while the fleas and ticks get the benefit of feeding on the puppies' blood, the puppies are harmed and they get itch skin as a result.
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