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Chicken Wing

No description

Elizabeth Storrie

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Chicken Wing

Chicken Wing compared
to a human arm! By: Elizabeth Storrie It all works like this, without the bone, the tendons would have nothing to hold on to, without the muscle, the tendon would have nothing to pull on, and nothing to give us strength, and lastly, with out the tendon, there would be nothing to connect the bone and muscle, and therefore no movement. This all leads to my groups question, “Which of the three, muscle, tendon, or bone, plays the biggest part in movement?” In the middle of our dissection, we believed that the muscle played the biggest part in the movement of our arm, but at the end, we decided that all three played a large roll in the movement of our arm. Well, the muscle is the base of our strength. The muscle connects to the tendon, which connects to the bone. So when someone asks us to flex, we are contracting our triceps(flexor), while our biceps(extensor) relax. When our arm is straight, we contract our bicep(flexor), and relax our triceps(extensor). How does it all actually work? The skeletal muscle is attached to the bone. It is the muscle that is found in our arm, which keeps the strength to move.

There are many things found on the bones, such as ligaments, and cartilage. Both of these help the bones stay together in the joints(where the bones meet) and to move swiftly. The ligaments are what hold the bones together, They weave in and out of the bones to make a nice connection. The cartilage is found on the joints to make the joints move nice and swiftly. Which of the three, bone, muscle, or tendon is most important in a state of movement? Inquiry Question A chicken wing works just like a human arm. It has the tendons, the muscle, the bones, ligaments, and the cartilage, but how do all these items work together? We decided that all three of the named were equally important. Thanks for watching! Tricep Bicep
Bone Tendon Ligament
Cariladge Joint Cartiladge Tendon Tricep
Ligament Joint Bone
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