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William Howard Taft

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Jacob Jenkins

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of William Howard Taft

Prezi created by:
Jacob Jenkins, thanks for watching!
William Howard Taft
William Howard Taft's Childhood:
When was he born?

William Howard Taft
was born on September
15Th, 1857.
William Howard Taft was William Howard Taft's original birth name. It never changed.
He did have a couple nicknames such as "Big Lub" and "Old Bill" though.
What was his original birth name?
Where did he grow up?
William Howard Taft grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio.
What were William Howard Taft's parents names?
Alphonso Taft was his father. Alphonso was a lawyer in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.
Louisa Maria Taft was his mother, most likely a housewife because of the time in history.
What were his siblings names?
Horace Taft was his brother
Peter Taft was his half-brother
Charles Taft was his step-brother
Henry Taft was another of his brothers.
What was he like as a child?
William was physically active as a child even though he was overweight.
He attended elementary and high school.
He was very intellectual.
His family was very wealthy and he grew up in a socially prominent family.
He also liked to swim in the Cincinnati canal.
Also at age 9 he suffered a slight skull fracture when his family's horses carrying their carriage ran off and crashed.
What were his hobbies?
William's hobbies include Boxing, hunting jujitsu, shooting, tennis, wrestling, baseball along with dancing. He was very good at a lot of these as a child.
This was his childhood.
What was his education?
Where did he go to Middle School?
Taft did not attend middle school, as it was the 1800s.
Where did he go to high school?
Taft went to Woodward High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Did he graduate high school?
He did graduate Woodward High School. Second in his class.
William Howard Taft was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the Mount Auburn Section.
Where was he born?
Did he go to college?
Taft attended Yale University, following in this fathers footsteps.
Taft got his degree in law. He graduated second in his class (again) then attended a different law school for about 3 years.
Was he tutored?
Nothing in history ever mentioned Taft being tutored for anything.
Was Taft Home schooled?
William was not home schooled. He attended Woodward High School then Yale followed by law school. Nothing mentions any home schooling.
Where did he get his education for court and his Presidency?
William went to Yale and law school for his job as a Supreme Court Chief Justice.
It does not say how he prepared for being President.
Neither does it mention a coach or teacher who gave him extra help of any sort.
Taft's Adulthood:
What were his relationships?
Theodore Roosevelt was a good friend to William.
Helen Herron Taft was his spouse
It doesn't really say he had many friends, but it does mention that he had college friends from Yale
How did he become famous?
William became famous because he served under Teddy Roosevelt and was his successor to presidency.
He served one term as president.
Also he was the largest president and got stuck in his own bath tub!
He weighed just over 300 lbs! I think that's pretty big.
Also he was the only American to serve as a U.S. Chief Justice and President.
Why is he significant?
William is significant because he was the largest president at over 300 lbs.
First president to have a car.
Ratified the 16Th amendment.
27Th president
9Th or 10Th chief justice.
President of the Philippine commission.
Ran for president in the Republican party.
Only American to be President and Chief Justice.
Served as president from 1909-1913
Added great natural areas of our country to the National Park service.
Established a Federal Children's Bureau.
Signed the publicity act.
In 1881 became Assistant County Prosecutor.
Was judge for Ohio's supreme court.
Appointed Solicitor General under President Harrison.
Appointed Federal Circuit judge in 1892.
Worked under two presidential administrations before becoming president himself!
Became professor of law at Yale.
Organized a new government in Philippines.
William was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize but didn't win. It doesn't mention any other awards he might have won.
He was responsible for beginning workers compensation.
Allowed congress to levee on income tax. (16Th amendment)
Moved up in the "ranks" in politics fairly quickly.
His adult life was affected by his severe obesity.
He got food poisoning in Japan at a dinner along with 11 others.
He would get heartburn a lot until his cooks made him go on a diet.
While president, he was thrown off a horse.
Taft was almost the first president to die in a car accident. One time a trolley struck his car and dragged it half a block until it stopped but no one was hurt.
He also suffered from internal inflammation in 1923.
How did he change peoples life's?
William changed people life's because he began workers compensation. This is if you get hurt on the job, your medical bills will be payed, and you will receive partial payment of your wage while you recover.
He also created other safety laws to protect the workers in their environment.
William Taft's children were
Robert Taft
Charles Phelps Taft II and
Helen Taft Manning
They all outlived William. Robert passed first, then Charles, then Helen.
Famous Quote?
One of his famous quotes were,
"No tendency is quite so strong in human nature as the desire to lay down rules of conduct for other people"

-William Taft
Death. :(
Date he died.
William Taft died on March 8Th, 1930.
How did he died?
William died in his sleep. It says from a heart attack.
Any controversies in his death?
There were no controversies in his death. He was not suspected to be murdered or that he committed suicide.
Two states were admitted to the union while he was President
He was known to suffer from sleep apnea due to his obesity.
Four men could fit in his special bath tub! Wow!
He was the first president to throw the first pitch at a baseball game.
William Taft was in a secret Yale society. What was the name of that society?
*HINT* His father co-founded it! The answer.... after this slide!
William was the last president to have a cow at the White House. Her name was Pauline.
Will was the first of two presidents to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
Will was attending a ball game and in the 7Th inning stood up to stretch and because he was president, everyone else stood up. Creating the 7Th inning stretch! (This is a myth)
Will's favorite snack were almonds. Preferably salted almonds.
Picture time! Enjoy!
Him as a child Him as a teenager Him as an adult
His bathtub, which four men could fit in!
Will was really a big man, this is him as an adult showing his full body.
This is Will (Middle) along with the other judges when he was the Chief Justice.
This is a picture of a cow. William had a cow at the White House.
William Taft as an adult.
Oh! By the way, Will was in a secret Yale society called Skull and Bones!
Happy Halloween!

Sleep tight...
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