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Heart & Soles

No description

Rachel Gauthier

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Heart & Soles

Heart & Soles Ever find yourself having to kick something or someone?....and you're wearing heels? Well the new steel
toed high
heels are for you! We will be increasing our supply of the shoes to increase the demand. As a result our equilibrium point will also increase which will bring a larger profit To increase our demand of this revolutionary shoe, we will increase this in three different ways: 1.) People's preferences: By designing our shoes in a way that is appealing to all customers, the variety of customers will increase, which then will increase the demand for them. Different fashionable designs will help this idea come to life. 2.) Prices of related goods: To bring in more customers, we will being having a 50% off sale to guarentee everyone an opportunity to purchase a pair of steel toe high heels. 1.) Number of buyers: By using fashionable patterns and wise sales, we will increase our number of current buyers. To increase demand, the supply of goods will also have to increase. We will manipulate supply in three ways as well: 2.) Technology: By use of state of the art technology we install steel toes into our new product for protection of the feet for all types of women. 3.) Prices of related goods: Again, the sale of the shoes compared to other sellers prices will manipulate the supply in which we will be able to make more of a profit by taking in more purchases which in turn will pay for more supplies to make more of the product. Buy
today! By: Rachel Gauthier and
Taeler Aspenleiter
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