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Titan the moon of Saturn

a'lkfsdga asdtasd

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Titan

Titan Titan is a moon of Saturn and is about 1.2million km away from it The Diameter of Titan is about 5150km The diameter of earth compared to titan is 12756km : 5150km so titan is about 40% of the size of earth The gravity on Titan is about 1/10th of the gravity on Earth Size and Distance Titan related to Earth Huygens probe entered Titan's atmosphere at 10:13 UTC on January 14, 2005. A Dutch astronomer found Titan in 1655. Pyshical Characteristics of Titan If an object wieghted 100pounds on earth it would only weight 10 pounds on Titan Titan is an orange/brown color The average tempurature on Titan is about -179 Hydrocarbon, liquid ethane, nitrogen and methane can all be found on Titan. Titan is the biggest moon of Saturn and it could not support human life because it is too far away from earth and it is way to cold there. Discovery
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