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Ron Joyce Entrepreneur

No description

Jack Trim

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Ron Joyce Entrepreneur

He later bought a Tim Hortons franchise in Hamilton
This led him into a partnership with Horton in the year 1967 Step 1 Collaboration He's Winning Start Little Ron Ron took the full weight of 40 different restaurants after Hortons death in 1974
There are over 4,500 locations to date, and by sometime this year another 900 locations will be built within Canada and the US Another Step Forward Ron Joyce gets Ca$h Money, with his multi-billion dollar company which rakes in 647 million each year on average. Ronald Vaughn "Ron" Joyce Established a Dairy Queen franchise where he was soon introduced to Tim Horton A New Beginning Danny Murphy, a Tim Hortons and Wendys franchise owner, had an idea to combine both franchises under one roof.
The two companies were informally paired
7 years later Wendys officially joined the Tim Hortons franchise.
Tim Hortons has also partnered with:
Cold Stone Creamery
Canadian Military
US Military Ron Joyce and Danny Murphy make plans... Early life Born and raised in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia
Joined the Royal Canadian Navy
Later moved to Hamilton and joined the police force A setback... Usefulness To wake you up in the morning A nice snack when your peckish A Part of Our Heritage!!!! Entrepreneurial Skills 1. Hardworking 2. Risk Taker 3. He is a leader Ron won many various awards, and also served in the Royal Navy. Again, being in the Navy is quite risky, but Ron also saw the potential for this donut shop and took a gamble at investing in it. He displays his leadership skills through founding the Tim Hortons Children Foundation Conclusion! Ron Joyce is naturally an entrepreneur, so add in those extra skills, and that makes him one of Canada's successful businessmen. By : Jack Trim THANKS FOR WATCHING ...And it tastes really good.
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