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Types of Listening

Introduction to the five types of listening: Discriminative, Comprehension, Empathetic, Appreciative, and Critical

Amy Condon

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Types of Listening

Growing our Listening Skills
Focus on understanding the message
Active Listening
Five Types of Listening
Focus is on enjoying the message
The focus is on feelings
Focus is on evaluating the information
Objective: Understand when and how to use each type of listening
Determining sounds
distinguishing the gender of the speaker
distinguishing the number of the speakers
listening for specific words.
As listeners we focus on different
things and we can all gain different
meaning from one statement.

Plus we tend to lose 25% of information
as it is passed between people.
comedy clubs
poetry readings
Sheldon discriminates sound while trying to find the "sweetspot."
An example is when you listen to directions!
Obviously we appreciate different things than some people...
We use empathetic listening to make others feel better.
sale pitches
political speeches
Connect to information
Summarize and ask questions
Use associations and mnemonic devices
Take notes
Give feedback
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