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For Prezi Ambassador Program

Chris B

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of Prezume

Oregon State University
3.70 GPA
Industrial Engineering with Business Minor
Winter 2015
Institute of Industrial Engineers
Country Western Dance Club
Intramural Sports:
Work Experience
Oregon State University Bookstore
Technology Across the Curriculum
Apple Sales Training Professional certified
Software Resource Development
Leadership: Treasurer of IIE
Creating a resource list and tutorials for teachers, faculty, and students. I also provide training to use presentation software effectively...
Pioneered the implementation of a Class A survey tool, Qualtrics, for the University to use while providing support. Presented proof of concept demos.
Provided customer service care for customers in the technology department
Assisted diverse groups of customers in purchasing and handling merchandise
Industrial Engineering is a branch of engineering dealing with the
of complex processes or systems. Through the combination of technical abilities,
people skills
, and business savvy, industrial engineers design, build, and implement systems. They work and consult in
every industry
, including hospitals, communications, e-commerce, insurance, sales, transportation, and more. Industrial engineers also thrive in management because of their excellent communication skills.
Things that would make me the best Prezi ambassador on campus
Which Prezi Value is most important?
Keeping promises is the most important value that Prezi endorses. It means that Prezi users are responsible, honest, and reliable. Trust is important in the corporate world, for buying, sharing, and cooperating. Without it, we cannot function properly!
I am able to network with students, faculty, and teachers throughout the campus because I am a student and work with TAC. I have the influence to promote Prezi and am ready to take action.
I am an excellent communicator and have many technical skills that will allow me help promote Prezi to everyone on campus.
My mission is explore new ways to share ideas. Collaboration is key in a global community.
How will I Prezify campus?
My name
Bring Innovation
Hosting webinars are an interactive way to reach large audiences
Hands on Training
Giving people hands on experience and guidence about using Prezi
My name is Chris
I want to...
Be a part of something BIG
Who am I?
A few of my Hobbies
My email
I love to play music!
expand my HORIZONS
Software like Prezi!!
Presentation software
Survey software
Customer Service
Helped troubleshooting technical issues
To help faculty and staff succeed at improving educational quality.
Website Design
• Prezified campus
• People sharing
ideas using Prezi
• People wanting
to use Prezi
Updating a website with information about how to use Prezi effectively in addition to tutorials. This would be catered to the needs of my campus
My prezi account link
Sharing Ideas
Encourage beauty
Engaging with surroundings
Get it done
Honest, learning from mistakes, avoid blaming others
Keeping promises
Softball, Dodge ball, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee
Prezi Ambassador
As a Prezi ambassador, I will be able to influence my university in a unique way. Prezi redefines the way people develop and share ideas, and it is the change we need on campuses!
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