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No description

shakira pagan

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of motown

Motown Music inc.
Stevie Wonder
His real name is Stevland Hardaway Morris but he his known by the stage name Stevie Wonder. He is an American Musician, Singer & Songwriter. Stevie Wonder is the most creative & loved musical figures of the late 20th century. Stevie Wonder has many talents, he plays the drums, bass guitar, congas, bongos, keytar, keyboards, harmonica, harpejji, and the accordion
Michael Jackson ( Lead vocalist)
Jermaine Jackson (Bass)
Tito Jackson ( Lead guitar)
Jackie Jackson ( vocals)
Marlon Jackson (vocals)
Randy Jackson (precussion)
The Jackson Five
Marketing/Advertising And Talent
Our Goals
Motown's History
The origin of Motown is Detroit Michigan. Motown's record label was developed by Berry Gordy Jr. Motown's record was the first ever record company to be owned and operated by an African American and to primarily feature African American musicians. It originated in 1959, Motown was and remains the company's main label for mainstream R&B/soul music (and, today, hip-hop music as well).
The instruments that wore used for Motown music was combinations of percussion instruments, bass guitar, guitar, tambourine and piano.
The dance came after the music and its more like people dancing to the music rather than being a part of it. the music and dance do not depend on each other. the dance is a way to express feelings and enjoy the music.

what we are asking from you is to help us out. we need $500,000 to help our company grow and to be able to manage our artists. we will be using that money to pay for expenses such as the stage crew , background dancers, the arenas, the artistes, the advertising and the other things necessary to make the concerts the very best that they can be
Tour itinerary/concert schedule for Jackson five
Tour itinerary/concert schedule for Stevie Wonder
Cost/ expenses
t-shirts =$45
water bottles = $15
Stage crew=29,000
Lighting(ETC Ion Lighting Console,NSI Lighting Console, Elation Design Spot 250 Pro, Elation Platinum 5R)= 50,000
Arenas(booking spaces)=100,000 (depends the venue's capacity to hold a lot of people)
Airplane travel expenses-80,000
That's just some of the things the money will be used for. There is many more things that the money will go for.
Dates- November 2, 1984 ,November 3, 1984
City- Miami
Venue- Miami Orange Bowl
Dates-November 9, 1984 November 10, 1984
Dates-November 16, 1984 ,November 17, 1984 ,November 18, 1984
Venue- BC Place Stadium
Dates-November 30, 1984 ,December 1, 1984, December 2, 1984 ,December 7, 1984 ,December 8, 1984 ,December 9, 1984
City- Los Angeles
Country-United States
Venue- Dodger Stadium

Dates-September 17, 1984,September 18, 1984
City- Montreal
Venue- Montreal Olympic Stadium
Dates-September 21, 1984 ,September 22, 1984
City-Washington, D.C.
Country-United States
Venue- RFK Stadium
Dates-September 28, 1984September 29, 1984
Venue- JFK Stadium
Dates- October 5, 1984,October 6, 1984,October 7, 1984
City- Toronto
Country- Canada
Venue-Canadian National Exhibition Stadium
Dates- October 12, 1984, October 13, 1984, October 14, 1984
Country-United States
Venue- Comiskey Park
Dates-October 19, 1984, October 20, 1984
Venue- Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Dates-October 26, 1984 ,October 27, 1984
Venue- Fulton County Stadium
North America
Dates-July 6, 1984, July 7,1984, July 8, 1984
City-Kansas City
Venue-Arrowhead Stadium
Dates-July 13, 1984, July 14, 1984, July 15, 1984
City- Dallas
Venue- Texas Stadium
Dates-July 21, 1984,July 22, 1984, July 23, 1984
Venue- Gator Bowl Stadium
Dates-July 29,1984, July 30, 1984 ,July 31, 1984
City-East Rutherford
Venue-Giants Stadium
Dates-August 4, 1984,August 5, 1984
City- New York City
Country- United States
Venue-Madison Square Garden
Dates-August 10, 1984, August 11, 1984,August 12, 1984
Venue-Neyland Stadium[12]
Dates-August 17, 1984,August 18, 1984,August 19, 1984
City- Pontiac
Venue-Pontiac Silver dome
Dates-August 25, 1984,August 26, 1984
Venue- Rich Stadium
Dates- September 1, 1984,September 2, 1984
Venue- JFK Stadium
Dates-September 7, 1984,September 8, 1984
Venue-Mile High Stadium
Tour dates
Date-July 1, 1984
Country-United States
Venue- Birmingham–Jefferson Convention Complex[11]
Date-October 20-28, 2013
City- New york, NY
Venue-Lunt-Fontanne Theatre
More dates to come....
Work Cited
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